I’ve Made It a Whole Week in the Mission Field

Dear wonderful family –

Yay! I’ve made it a whole week in the mission field. Let’s just say my trainer, Sister Wagner, is the bomb. We're like the same person. I don't want her to ever leave. Her faves are Reese's cups and Chex mix. and pink!

Yep! We are serving 2 YSA stakes (16 wards) at USU. It has been really great. We teach quite a bit. We are white-washing the area (we are both brand new here) so it's been a bit of a fresh start. As far as the facebook part of my mission, I can definitely send/talk to my friends about the gospel! That's actually more of the focus.

My skirts got hemmed at the MTC! I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on the skirt with the house print you made me Mom.

I’ve really enjoyed the family history story you sent me Dad. I never knew we had a family connection in my mission area – that’s awesome. I hope you send me more family history stories soon.

I am really worn out today, like my muscles are all tense and it makes it difficult to type. haha. I would write a big family email but I just can't today.

I got the packages. SOOO AWESOME! You're the bestest momma there ever was. I love everything you send so much. Especially the headbands cause I wear my hair up a lot cause we get sweaty. lol

Mom, you asked about study time. Well, it’s hard to stay awake the first hour fosho... Probably because I’m doing personal study, but it is so much better when we do companion study.


I wish I could write more, but I am a dead beat right now – I will write you soon. You are so awesome. I love you a lot.

Sister Kingsford

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