Here is a Rundown of This Last Week


Here is a rundown of this last week:

Tuesday we had a lesson with the Josephsons about priesthood and bro. Josephson bore his testimony a ton about the influence the priesthood has had in his life. And how he has changed so much and he just kept thanking us so much for helping him and his family, it was the cutest thing ever. We also had a little lesson with Kay Crockett, she is an 87 year old little Japanese lady. She is seriously THE SWEETEST person ever. She made us like 4 dozen cookies that we still haven't been able to give completely away. We talked about the temple open house and how she is excited to go - she is an active member whose never been through the temple before. She was married to a mean American man, and after he died she was finally able Togo to church. We love her so so much!!

Wednesday...let's see...we had a lot of people tell us they were not interested. We also met a super sweet 86 year old lady and her "senior companion". So that's like a friend who comes and helps old people around the house and just like hangs out with them.

We ended the night with a lesson with Ashton about self worth and "Becoming Perfected in Christ". It was great.

Then Thursday was Pioneer Day! A Utah holiday that is more celebrated than Fourth of July. Some of our missionaries were in the Ogden Parade! Oh, Utah. We on the other hand, went to the trout farm and helped people from a nursing home catch trout. It was so so so much fun! I helped this lady named Rusty catch four fish for us. I'd throw the food in and all the trout would just have a conniption fit and then her hook was in all that and sometimes we would get a bite. She'd fling 'em out and I had to hold them and unhook them and put them in the bucket. Sister Hansen (and a few of the Elders ;) ) refused to touch the fish so I got to help out more. It was seriously so fun and the little old people were so sweet and they told some great stories. AND we got to eat the trout with them afterwards. It was great. We also had some nice member lessons on Thursday too, and we saw some
fireworks through our windows with Sister Newman ( the cute lady we live with).

Friday we had a zone study and got to know all the zone. It was good! We set goals. Our goal for our companionship for baptisms this month is one. it's gonna be Journey. And then hopefully Gaige too - we're still working on helping her to quit smoking.

Journey is so awesome! On Sunday, she came to church and brought three of her friends who had never been before! They were such cute girls. We explained the sacrament and the hymns and answered questions they had. Next week they're all coming again and will go to primary too!

Also on Sunday, we had a training about us working in the temple. First, they went through and told us the different jobs we'd be doing - sometime we will work the video rooms (which is an intro video about temples generally and also gives some Ogden history), other times we will work the reception tent. While in the tent, we will try to seek out those who have had a spiritual experience within the temple and try to talk with them about it to see if they're interested in learning more. We will also help with the photo booth - people get their pics taken with a backdrop of the temple and we input their email addresses so they can get the pic and links to learn more about the church. This is the first open house in which they are using more displays and a photo booth in the tent. We will see how it works out! Today is our first day working the temple. We have our shift at noon. SOOO PDAY is a lil short. We just have to work what we need to get done in throughout the week. We also got to take a super fast tour of the temple after the training - it was gorgeous!! I'm really excited to have the opportunity to work the temple and work my area. So exciting to see what miracles will come from this!!!

Last night, we had a zone Family Home Evening that we were in charge of. We had them all come to our house to pick sister Newman's apricot trees, and then play games. It was a lot of fun! Sister Newman really appreciated it too.

Life is good. I've learned that not everyone is going to adore me, even if I do have to live with them 24/7, and that's okay. I've also learned that sometimes my wanting to help people talk about their
feelings just makes them angry. So I'm working on doing that less. I'm working on a lot to help myself improve as a missionary, and as a daughter of God. I love y'all!!!!

Love love love,
Sister Kingsford

Last night was a good night too.

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