Life Here Has Been Swell

MOM: My blisters are okay. But my scabs are not so fun. Haha. 

I am doing AWESOME!

Today was great! We went to the temple early this morning. I loved it. Man, I love the temple. So great. 
Then we went grocery shopping and bought lots of yummy food! We have a goal to eat really healthy/good for you foods. It was nice to eat salad for dinner for sure.

We usually have members feed us dinner almost every day, but lately we've had to fend for ourselves cause some of the Ward Mission Leaders in one of our Stakes haven't been called yet. So anyway, your juice fast sounds...fun? Haha. I hope it makes you healthy and strong.

AGH! I have pics to send I brought my SD card but these computers don't have card readers. (I'll just send 'em tomorrow).

Life here has been swell. We love everyone we meet. We have some non-members we are working on right now. We went through a bit of a rough patch cause one of our investigators dropped us and then we were just tracting everyday with like no success. It was a bummer. BUT! We have this guy Elvis (he's from Hawaii) who plays football for Utah State who is pretty interested. The other day we went by and he was like, "Sorry guys. I'm getting a tattoo right now so come by next week for sure." Hahaha. It was a really cool tribal tattoo all over his arm. Cool cool. Painful looking for sure.

Then after that we went to go visit Hao (he's a really cool Chinese guy that lives with a couple of RMs). At this point we had tried to visit him like 3 times already and no one was home but then he was! So we taught the Restoration/Jesus Loves You/Prayer. 'Twas great. He is Buddhist and really close to his family. He's real cool. We are planning on meeting with him later this week. After that we went to visit Rae (another non-member who is SUPER sweet and adorable). We found her tracting the week before and we were so happy she was home! We taught the same thing to her but of course it was different cause the Spirit is different for everyone. She is stinking ADORABLE! Oh gosh, I love her. So she told us that sometimes when she is sad she reads the Bible in Chinese on her phone and it makes her happy! Like what? She has no religious background and yet she reads the bible. So cool! So then afterwards we asked her to say the prayer and it was the cutest prayer ever! We are facebook friends with her so we chat with her sometimes too. Cutest girl ever. We are meeting again with her on Saturday.

Things are picking up with students coming back, so it's been good. We will hopefully be getting to teach A TON soon.

I want you to know I love you all forever and ever. :)


Life is amazing. I feel like I am made to be a missionary and I am meant to be here.

OH! P.S. Exciting thing that happened yesterday - I GOT TO SPEND THE DAY WITH SISTER HOWE! So awesome. My compie and her's are Sister Training Leaders so they had a meeting to go to for most of the day so I went down to Perry to serve with her. I love her. She's doing great.

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