I love Meg. She's so awesome.

Hi family! 

I hope you are doing really well! This week has been good. We had interviews with the President. Sister Wagner was first then I went in and it was good. I am totally a okay - like not super stressed or sad or anxious. So I just asked him how to show love. So that's what I'm doing. He also told me that I am a Sister Training Leader in the making. So yay. I hope that doesn't happen any time soon. 

This week we also got blessings from our district leader and his compy - Sister Wagner's was just what she needed. Mine was too cause duh blessings. But interesting thing that was in it twice was patience which is weird...we will see what that means! On another note, WE HAVE A BAPTISM ON SATURDAY! YAAAAAY! I love Meg. She's so awesome. She gives me hope for my friends that have had good experiences with the Church in their lives. She just knew that she needed to turn to the Church when she had a rough time because of the friends that she's had. I don't know she is just so awesome. 

So for Pday today we went hiking as a zone. It was great. We did a fairly easy trail and then we had a study by a little creek. It was nice. My zone leaders told Sister Wagner that they think I don't like them. So that's sad. I need to work on my face I guess. I will make a goal to smile at them more. But anyway afterwards I slept and now I'm here. Haha. Yay sleep! 

Well I love you! Maybe I'll take some more pictures one of these days. Sad note - none of the computers we use have SD card readers so I have to lug around the whole camera and cord and it doesn't matter anyway because I lost my SD card with all my pics from the MTC. Meh. My life. 

So for real I love you all! Jealous of you Momma and Daddy! I sent each of you a letter Saturday so that'll be waiting for you when you get back. And I'll probably write you again this week, to be real. I love the pics you're sending, keep em coming! Kimberly and Austin how was the beach?? How's Breghan?! 

Miss y'all!


Sister Kingsford

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