I Felt the Spirit in a Way That I Never Have Before

I have much to tell y'all.

First, none of you wrote me which makes me sad. But I understand, life is busy. And I am also on the computer pretty early today so maybe you'll write me later. Annnyyyywaaaay...

Last saturday MEG GOT BAPTIZED! It was seriously so great. I felt the spirit in a way that I never have before. She is just going to be such a great blessing in the church. She's so awesome. Also, Rae came to the baptism and afterwards we asked her about how she is feeling about getting baptized and she just said her only concern is her parents. She told them she is going to church and I guess their reaction wasn't so hot. So she is worried what they will say about her getting baptized. We have been praying that they will have open hearts and minds. She said that whatever they say is what she will do because the culture in china is to respect their elders. You know? So keep her in your prayers. Also I've been writing people letters but I can't send them because I ran out of stamps. And I also ran out of money. I think their may be some on my debit card from y'all but not enough to buy warm clothes which I am starting to need so if you could send me some of my clothes and some good CDs and maybe out some money on my account that would be awesome.

This morning we went to a chiropractor in Brigham City cause I have been really needing it and he was the bomb. He said there is new developments in the chiropractic world where it is more about the ligaments then the bone. side note: weird to have a man touching me cause you know missionary. haha. BUT He worked some magic and gave me some stretches and we are going back next week. YAY! After this we are going to scavenge for food (cause broke) and then sleep. YAY!

On Sunday we met Paul - he plays football for Utah State. He is a large tongan man. lol. He is super sweet and we invited him to be baptized and he said he would continue to meet with us and see if it's for him. YAY! We have also been trying to meet with his roommate Elvis so there's an in there.



Miss you.
Love, Sister Kingsford

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