Hopefully the Lord Will Provide

To My Wonderful Family,

Transfers were today and....I AM STAYING HERE WITH SISTER WAGNER! YAY! We are getting another area at USU and all of the elders that were there are leaving except for one. We are also getting a new DL which I am bummed about bc Elder Totten was seriously awesome. But he is going to Idaho to be a DL so that's cool. Also, our Zone's goal for baptisms this last transfer was 15 and we got 16!! YAY YAY YAY! Oh! And Elder Perry told president that he wants the Ogden mission to double the number of baptisms by the end of the year so...hopefully the Lord will provide. :)

Austerly, how was Asher's Primary Program? Did you scream like you do at the soccer games?? "THAT'S MY SON! GOOO ASHER!" Haha, I think I'm funny. Also how is Wyatt? How are y'all?? Is it starting to turn fall there yet? Is the Mountain just beautiful? 

Meghan, I am sorry you are feeling poopy. :( You'll get better soon, hopefully?.. How is Brendan? Is school hard? I had a weird dream that I was in the ISYS program...weird. 

Lots of my friends email me and say they love my blog. No comments though. That's how it was with Brendan's blog too though. I've gotten some cards from ladies in the ward and they are always so nice :)

Studying is good. I love reading the scriptures. I feel like D&C 6:7-8 is finally coming to pass for me (I found it when I went to EFY and asked God to help me with the scriptures). I know I am being rewarded for serving righteously. The mysteries of God are being unfolded for me. 

We don't have any new people and that's really tough but we are praying and working hard to find those who are waiting for us. 

I have been struggling with different things - stress from not having people to teach and my compy and annoying people. But I just knew I was being dumb and decided to utilize the Atonement. I just gave it all away to Jesus. It was a really wonderful experience. I was laying in bed and really felt all twisted in my stomach and just like stressed/sad and so I started praying and I asked Christ to lift me up and to take away my burdens and help me see what I should really be focusing on and then He did!! And I went to sleep and woke up so happy which you know is an unusual thing. #blessed

It was freezing here for like three days straight and I thought I was gonna die. But it's more like fall weather now. Hopefully it lasts before it gets super cold. From what I have heard Logan is waaay colder than Provo so yay..

Also mom, if you could get me a side bag that is bigger than the fossil one I have cause my stuff just barely doesn't fit in it. Or you could have daddy put some money on my card. Also shopping here is dreary, for one I barely have any time on pday for that. Also they don't have a target or a mall. IT SUCKS. The college kids complain all the time. So If you could send me some winter clothes that would be great. 


Love, Sister Kingsford

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