Hey. I feel pretty sick right now. We went to the chiropractor again today! It is magical. But I get super carsick every time we have to ride in a car so maybe that's why I'm so ill but who knows. I also don't have much time. We are going shopping for sister wagner's winter clothes for the whole day. Yay sick and shopping = best combo everrrr. lol.

RAE WENT TO CONFERENCE WITH US! It was so good. (: We woke up late cause the alarm didn't go off which sucks so I had no makeup and glasses and my hair up with a scarf tied on it cause grody grease. So basically I looked awful while all the temple square missionaries look FABULOUS! I wish I could be a temple square missionary..maybe my next mission ;) ;) I met a temple square missionary who did her 3 months in MADISON! She knows the zittings and the dyers she was stoked about chelsea's call when I told her :) She's from Italy and she wanted to talk about Alabama all day long. Haha. SHE LOVES ALABAMA! Then again, who doesn't?? She will be calling Dad soon for some referrals of people she can call to talk to in Alabama. 

Anyway, Rae loved conference. Then she texted us and wanted to meet about somethings that have been bothering her so we were all worried it was like she found some anti stuff or she was having trouble not drinking tea BUT really it was just personal problems with her friends back in China and it was the anniversary of her friends death this weekend so really she just loves us and considers us people to rely on and help her. Which I LOVE! I love her so much. We are going to have dinner with her and her roomie Queenie (she's a convert from china who went to conference with us too). They are both so cute! They both wanna live in America and marry white guys because they say American guys are real gentlemen who see you for your heart and care about real things more than superficial things that they feel asian guys care about. We are working on finding them some good Mormon boys ;) Hopefully her parents will accept her decision to get baptized. PRAY for her baptism.

We also have Eric now who has a baptismal date!! But he needs to quit smoking. Pray for that too!
And we met Jessi WHO IS SUPER AWESOME AND I WANT TO BE HER BEST FRIEND. She's a potential investigator for now. We are going shopping with her roommate today so we will talk to her about it some more. :)



Love, Sister Kingsford

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