But They Will Come

This week has been good. Saturday we went to a service project where we planted grass seeds at a Nature Park. It was fun. Then right afterwards I threw up hardcore so we had to stay home the rest of the day. Which was a bummer, but it was necessary cause I was siiiiick. One of our super nice Relief Society Presidents brought over G2, crackers, soup and sprite. I really just ate crackers and drank G2 for like two days. Anyway, before Saturday...

We are now teaching Brooke (a less-active). She has a little boy and he is adorable. We just got to know her a little bit and then taught just like God loves you, but we are gonna be teaching her weekly which is awesome. Teaching less-active members is awesome! 

Mostly this week has been discovering that we need to have patience and continue to work hard. It stinks because its like we cover 16 wards if each only gave us ONE person to teach each week our schedule would be fantastic. But we know the wards are trying we have some great ward mission leaders who are mostly pretty newly minted RMs. Mom is so right in saying that it is easy peasy to share your beliefs and talk about Mormonism but not so easy to say to your friends "hey would you like to meet with the missionaries and learn more?" BUT it is the only REAL step in missionary work. NOW is the time to make yourself do that very thing. If you love other people you  would want them to meet with us. We are the only ones specifically set a part to act as gods missionaries. I am so passionate about member missionary work especially being here on Utah because it really is the only way we find people to teach. Being a missionary is now way more than being an example- it is more than being a good friend. It is being a TRUE friend by sharing your testimony and ASKING your friends to meet with the missionaries. Maybe they won't be converted now. But it gives them exposure to us and shows people that missionaries are awesome  and that they can be comfortable with us (as can the member with the idea of inviting friends to meet with us).  

Lemme get off my soap box now. Anyway...we went to the chiro again and I just think I should probably marry a chiropractor cause I am just a hot mess when it comes to my back. Haha. 

We need more people to teach...but they will come. We are doing as much as we can to find those that need us and to build trust with our members. 
I am happy. 

Taking the sacrament this Sunday was amazing! I have such a stronger love for the sacrament and realization of how sacred and awesome and blessed we are that we get to partake in an ordinance with God every week of our lives! Hmmm. Good stuff. 

Rae is so great! She's gonna get baptized within this transfer! We went to her sacrament meeting and we are teaching her tomorrow. We also have zone conference which should be fun.

Eric didn't come to church so we might have to push back his baptismal date...but we will find out for sure tonight.

Note about Christmas presents: we have a Christmas event with all the missionaries and we open presents so if you want me to open those at that send them to the office by November 30 with Christmas written on the package. If you want me to wait until Christmas just send wrapped gifts and don't put Christmas on it. Haha.

Well I love you! 

Love, Sister Kingsford

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