I Can Feel the Spirit to My Very Core

Hi I love you all. Sorry this is gonna be a kinda short email I think. 

Here is something I've been thinking:
Something I worried about before my mission is that going out I wouldn't be myself anymore. Like I would become one of a pack of robots spreading the word of God. LOL AT THAT. I have learned just how IMPORTANT our individual personalities are - how we can touch people that other people can't because we are so individualized. We developed our core Spirits (personality, etc.) long before we came down to Earth; God wants us to find those and strengthen them in order to become just who we are meant to be. If anything, my mission has shown me more of who I truly am than made me into a Jesus preaching robot. HAHA. I believe in myself because each and every day I can feel Christ working through me and I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be at this time. I am blessed to be serving.

We have been visiting a lot of less actives lately and it has been great talking with them. One guy we met is an RM who realized he is gay. He is such a wonderful person. He said he tried so hard to reconcile the idea of being mormon with being gay. his struggle was so visible on him. he said he just couldn't choose to not be happy in this life and maybe hope to one day be happy in the next life. I about cried. Being gay and wanting to be mormon would be so stinking difficult. :/ He prayed for us at the end and I felt the Spirit. I am not sure what we can do for him? Ideas? The whole mormonism and gay people has come up SO much this past week. What do y'all think about it? 

Rae and Queenie fed us the other night! It was YUM! It was just so fun! I told them about us eating gyoza and all the Japanese things I could think of. They love that I know some stuff. Even though they are Chinese, they know a little about Japanese people/culture. I have some pics that I will send along.

Something I already told dad is that I love how I can feel the Spirit to my very core. Like centrally inside of me. If that makes any sense.


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  1. For your friend who is gay, he's not alone. www.affirmation.org is an excellent website of a group of LGBT Mormons and supporters. My brother is gay and this organization helped him immensely.