So transfers are tomorrow and....I AM GOING TO BRIGHAM CITY NORTH! Wagner is staying and training again. I am feeling...weird. Last night I found out I was leaving and I started packing and I cried. Like quite a bit. I just love these people so much. And I also am nervous you know? Like will I like my new compy (sister campbell), will I be all scared again, do I know enough? Am I actually a good missionary? I am sad to leave my zone - our Elders are actually pretty great. Only two Elders and I are leaving. So anyway, today I will be visiting people and packing some more and cleaning. 

This last week was good! Elder Clarke (a 70) came to visit the mission and we had a little seminar with him on Tuesday. It was soo great! I cried a lot. The Spirit was just so strong! I came away with even more missionary zeal! 

We taught Dakota, brooke and Wes (some of our less actives) and Rae this week! Eric is not really responding to any of our messages/visits so...we'll see what happens with him. I am REALLY sad to leave Rae. I just love her. Maybe I will be able to come back whenever she actually gets baptized. Anyway...Sister Wagner had meetings Thursday, Friday and Yesterday so I had exchanges each of those days. It was good to take more of the lead in the area! But stressful having so many different companions in one week. haha.

Yeah, that was my week. 

I am doing well and loving serving!

Also! I finished the Book of Mormon!! (I started when I entered the field) So great! Now I am gonna do some more in depth studies for personal study. 

I hope all is well!


Sister Kingsford

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