The Sunsets Here Are Gorgeous!

Helloooo family!

First of all, I LOVE serving here in the Brigham North Stake!! We cover Honeyville, Bear River, and a little bit of actual Brigham City. It is so country here - I love it! We live in a tiny (and I mean tiny) apartment off the back of a young couples little house. We don't have a stove or oven. Just a fridge and a sink and a microwave and a little skillet that we cook a lot of breakfast burritos in. ;) We have a bunk bed and I am on the bottom bunk. I was on top but we learned that it is waay hot up top and cold on bottom and we all know I am a heater when I sleep! So we traded - it is much better. And Sister Campbell doesn't wake up freezing at night anymore. Speaking of Sister Campbell - she is amazing. She is such a good missionary and a really sweet/awesome person in general. We get along really well! We are also super obedient and I love it. So let me just give you a play-by-play of this last week...

Tuesday we went to Lunch with Rae and then she hung out with us and helped me pack. Then we went and said goodbye to all the people that I wanted to. I cried. A lot. But I think it was a mixture of nerves and love for the people I served. Then we had to give a training at the 6th stake where we talked about the member lessons we...they? are gonna be doing in the stake in order to promote more member missionary work. And then President Bigham thanked me for serving there and I cried in front of all the RS and EQ presidents. It was soo great. NOT. 

So then Wednesday we woke up and drove to the Logan Tabernacle so Sister Wagner could then go down to Ogden to pick up her new baby and I could wait for the truck/trailer to come pick me up to take me to Perry. So I fell asleep..and then the truck came and we packed it all up with everybodys stuff and then we headed off to Perry (a town just by Brigham) and then Sister Campbell and I headed to our apartment and I unpacked and we ate lunch and got to know each other a little bit. I was weirdly anxious and uncomfortable that day. But then that night we had some lessons lined up and we met Jayden! He is 17 and moved here from Iowa to live with his dad and a bunch of his friends are going on missions so he wanted to ask us all about missionary work and what exactly it involves being a missionary. And then we were like well what exactly makes you interested in missions? And he said well I would kinda like to go on one. So how long would it take me to be baptized? HOLY COW! He is so golden. So then we were all excited and told him it would take like 3 weeks of him going to church and us teaching him. YaY!

Then Thursday we had a zone study where we met everyone in our zone - they seem pretty cool for the most part. Our ZLs are super awesome - they had to white wash the area because for the last few transfers this zone has had a total of 1 baptisms...but anyway that's gonna change! I miss the Elders in my last zone though. They were all just really cool and we got along really well. :( But I am sure our zone will be close here too. Anyway so we taught a total of 17 lessons from Wednesday to Saturday. It was with mostly less active members. I love the work here! We are busy all the time!! We are so blessed. 

So here are the names of our investigators so y'all can pray for them:
and Sariah
They are all so great :) I will tell you more about them in future emails. But just know they're great!

Also, we have a "senior" (they're not retired) couple in our stake that is called to serve with us. It's a Utah pilot program to do this just btw. But anyway they act as our coordinators with our ward mission leaders and basically push them to schedule lessons for us and then they make a calendar of everything and give it to us sunday night. It is so nice. They are the Hadfields by the way. They are great! We are probably going to have thanksgiving lunch with them. :)

So basically I was really worried that I would hate teaching families like I would be really uncomfortable and awkward but I love it! The lessons are a little longer but I really love families and old people and babies and children and animals. THERE ARE SO MANY ANIMALS HERE!! LIKE SOOO MANY.

Also the sunsets here are gorgeous!

I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!!

Also the ward sent me some cute Christmas cards that I received last night! SO CUTE. Tell them I send my love.


Sister Kingsford

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