I Said Roll Tide and I Thanked Heavenly Father

Okay so first of all last Tuesday, a single lady from the stake took us to Maddox aka the most raved about restaurant in Brigham. aka not that great of food aka choose your style of meat and potatoes and it won't have much flavor and it is WAY to pricey. Texas roadhouse is better. Don't get me wrong, it was super nice of her to take us there but the only thing we liked was the salad. Lol. Basically, I miss food from home and I probably will miss it a lot more on Thanksgiving. ;) If no one makes good sweet potato casserole I told Sister Campbell that I am making some next week because I brought the recipe with me. Haha.

Also last week we taught Jayden, Jeff, Sariah, Erin and Ahna. (our investigators) And we taught our less active families too. We also had interviews with president on Thursday and he said we should try to have some baptisms on Christmas day! I just think that would be the best. Right now, we are thinking that is when Jeff will be baptized and maybe Ahna. 

Also on Thursday we got flu shots. So hopefully that'll be good. But that day my cold got really bad and I was just coughing up a storm. Anyway that night I woke up a projectile vomitted on my way to running to the bathroom. I know you all really appreciated that visual. Also I was throwing up for like 10 minutes straight and it was awful and then afterwards I didn't even feel any better. So sister campbell being the sweetest companion ever helped me clean up the mess (gross.) and then didn't wake me up the next day when I slept through the alarm. And then I still felt ill and then she made me go back to bed and called our DL to give me a blessing and then I woke up a few hours later and we went to the church building to the Elders could give me a blessing and I was told I would be able to continue to work and feel better. 

So that was awesome and then we went out and we had splits that night because we are so busy (which is crazy and a huge blessing) and so there was really no way we could cancel and so I had to go out even though I felt awful. But every time I was teaching I felt so good and I knew it was the Lord blessing me to be able to do it. That was when I met Ahna and Jonny her boyfriend. They are both recovering drug addicts. And he is less active. But they have been praying and reading the scriptures and going to church and said that there are too many miracles happening in their life for them not to recognize it is God. They're really great. And we are gonna be teaching both of them and they wanna get married. So cute.

Also, Sunday we had to give talks and due to my illness I obviously did not have time to prepare for that. So then I was praying and praying that I could figure something out. And I found a conference talk and some quotes from typography I have saved on my iPad (lol) and I told a bunch of jokes about me not having and accent and I said roll tide and I thanked Heavenly Father that He made it happen when I couldn't have. And I also thanked Davis and Craft for helping have confidence talking in front of large groups. ;)

I just really love it here. and I LOVE sister campbell. I love how obedient we are and how the blessings are so evident here because of the obedience that has been here. And the enthusiasm and work of the members. It is just really so great - living the dream of every missionary right here.

Also our Senior Couple REALLY wants us to live in a new apartment cause our little one will probably not be the best once it starts snowing  because we will have to try to get up out of the big hill of a driveway and it's cold in there and I hit my head on the bunk bed like every night. hahah. :) So I will keep you updated on that.

And today we have a zone activity that should be fun. Sisters are in charge so basically we are playing a bunch of drama games. :)

And Thanksgiving should be good. Someone already gave us a pumpkin pie. haha!

What are y'all doing for Thanksgiving??

Also we went to the temple today - we had to go to Logan because Brigham was all booked but it was soooo great! And Next week we get to go to Brigham because it's a new month. #blessed


P.S. We are finally updated to iOS7 lol.

PPS Siste Campbell and I read Jesus the Christ for part of our comp study and then it leads to really deep talks that are just really great. I love studying.

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