I Am So Blessed to Be Here

Today we slept a lot. Haha. We studied and then slept and now we are emailing. I am still tired - maybe too much sleep than I am used to? 

This week has been super great! Very full. 

Our Christmas party was so fun! We got to watch the movie Ephraim's Rescue - and the guy who plays the older Ephraim came and spoke to us! SOO cool! I cried pretty much the whole time. If you haven't seen it - you should. It's all about the martin willie handcart company. Apparently a movie called 17 miracles made by the same people that is really good. BUT Ephraim's Rescue just made me love Utah people even more, because they are so proud of their handcart heritage. The put handcart wheels in their landscaping for goodness sake. ;) But really, it made me realize how much I love the people here. 

We have been going on a lot of exchanges because Campbell is a STL. It has been...good. Yesterday we were helping a companionship that is really struggling so one of them came up here to work with me. And it was really good. She is from Hawaii and is a visa waiter for Australia. Her current comp is always a struggle for everyone so it has been really hard for her. She has only been out a week but she feels like going home. But really she just needs a more loving trainer. She is such a genuine person and I already see a lot of potential to be an excellent missionary. So I told her so! We went tracting, shoveled snow, visited people at the nursing home and taught lessons at night. She felt A LOT better afterwards. We'll see if she can just push through this last week before transfers. She asked me how long I have been out and I said 4 months and she was like wow that's a long time. HAHAHA. I about died. Doesn't feel long at all.

We taught Ahna on Sunday night and one of our ZLs came. It was a really great lesson, but our ZL kinda took over the whole thing and I personally was really annoyed like he thinks we can't do it because we are Sisters or something. which I know most Elders think anyway. but whatever. The Spirit was still there. So that's good. She is still praying about the 21st for baptism.

We did the 15 steps with Jeff and...he couldn't do it. He is still smoking his E cigarette. But with zero nicotine so it should help him quit. He says? Does anyone know if that actually helps? He is still SUPER committed to January 1st as his "Re-birthday" (as he calls it). So awesome. We have a lesson with him tonight so we'll see how it goes.

Jayden...won't reply to anything. The other night he did text us back and said he would call the next day tough. but he didn't. We are praying and praying about him; we go by his house when we have time but he's not home. SO PRAY FOR HIM!

Sunday our car got stuck in the snow at 6:15 in the morning trying to get out of the driveway for our correlation meeting. So the Hadfields had to come get us. And then later in the day a HUGE tractor had to come pull us out. We are probably moving soon.

Lots of people cancelled on us this last week, but we still had 21 lessons! I am so blessed to be here. I love sister campbell and I love Brigham North stake!


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