Hello family.

So I love skyping y'all but it was hard to hang up for sure - I teared up a little. It was surprising. 

Also, Bren you asked me what the hardest thing on my mission is...and I finally figured it out. Not holding babies or cuddling with kids. Like for real SO HARD NOT TO DO!!

JEFF IS GETTING BAPTIZED TOMORROW! Last week President Hiers came to our lesson with him and gave him a blessing and it was seriously so wonderful! We have been going by everyday for the last week to help Jeff keep from smoking and just visiting with him. He's so funny. So STOKED FOR TOMORROW! President requested to come to the baptism and asked that our zone sing a special musical number for it and we are going to sing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" (chosen by me because I always loved hearing momma sing it in church!) but in a really cool arrangement. 

We have also been working on getting our "Brunch with the Missionaries" set up. It was Elder Chalks idea but me and sister Campbell are making sure it gets put together well. We had invites made by a girl who does typography in our stake. We are going to have a talent show in which Elder Cole will clog, some of us will perform a Samoan dance, and all of us will do once there was a snowman. And then to lead into the spiritual side, sister campbell and elder gallagher will do "be still my soul" duet with guitar and piano. Aaaand then we will have some recent converts bear testimony and if there are at least 30 recent converts there then President said he will get our area 70 to come and he will speak. SO COOL. btw if I didn't explain this - it's going to be all those we are teaching so investigators, less active and recent converts coming to eat and get to know all the missionaries. YAY

Also I have like 5 more min. Sister Campbell was real sick this morning so we didn't make it out the house for awhile. :(


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