You Could Really Feel God's Love and Pride in Jeff

Hi! This last week has been sooo good because Jeff got baptized and confirmed!!! YAY YAY YAY! President and Sister Hiers came to the baptism and the whole service was great! President asked that our zone sing a song together. We sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" in a different arrangement so we had to practice the couple of days leading up to it. ANYWAY it turned out really well and people cried. Then Jeff was baptized and the Spirit was SO STRONG!  

While he was changing after the baptism, we did a presentation about the Restoration. And the night before we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do and it came to us at the same time that we were gonna do it through song! So we went through LDS hymns app on the iPads and found a bunch of different songs that talked about each point in the Restoration and it just came together so quickly that you could tell it was fairly inspired. It was cool. Then once Jeff came back President got up and spoke for a little and then invited Jeff to tell how he was feeling and then he did. And it was just so great! We missed his confirmation on Sunday because Sister Campbell has been real sick for the last 5 days. :( :( But I texted him and he understood and said it was a wonderful experience. 

Our calendars have been very full and this coming week is no exception. We have 4 new nonmembers that are interested in meeting with missionaries!! How exciting is that?!!

So how is everyone?? Do y'all read the Ensign very much? If not you should! I've been reading a ton of them with sister campbell being sick. Sooo good! 

How was Christmas break? How is life?

I love y'all!!

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  1. Tell Elder Chalk hello from The Pemberton Family! We went on a cruise with his sister and her family and they told me he got transferred to Brigham City and I was so excited because I knew you had been transferred there also. I enjoy reading your blog. I wish my missionary son blogged...but he doesn't...so I have to stalk the mission blog that the president's wife does. I know your family was excited to SKYPE with you on Christmas day...as we enjoyed our brief 40 minutes with our missionary that day. Keep up the great work!!! Tricia Pemberton