I Love Being a Missionary

Hey! So it's been a good week overall. We had lots of lessons and we keep really busy. I've been sick and throwing up a lot. It's stinky. I sleep when I can but then that results in me not being able to fall asleep and then I lie awake and think forever. But I also work on choreographing the samoan dance in my brain at night. I say choreograph because sister tuiala sent me the video of her doing the actual thing and it is really difficult (too many hand movements). So lol to getting the Elders to learn the real thing. So I'm gonna simplify it. 

This week we picked up 2 new investigators - one is Ed Garza whose family is less active but he recieved a priesthood blessing and really felt the spirit so he wants to know more. And then there is kyler andersen whose family is also less active. He is 14 and we taught his little sister until she was baptized (at 8). We were teaching her in hopes that it would make her family active. After her baptism kyler said, "I want that. I want the Holy Ghost.' AWESOME! So we're gonna be teaching him and his parents are sitting in too and we invited them all to the brunch!

John and Ahna are still doing good. Their probation officers approved them getting married which is pretty rare I guess so that's awesome! We started teaching John's sister Johnna (lol yeah John and Johnna) this week too. She is less active and struggles with pain pill problems. Her whole story is crazy and difficult. We spoke with her for the first time yesterday and she is dealing with depression among other things. And I think it was really good for me because everything I told her I knew I should be telling myself - you are not weak, you are not worthless, and you deserve to be happy. 

We also did a zone fast and then had a testimony meeting/FHE last night. We brought our patriarchal blessings and went and prayed and read them to ourselves. It was perfect. Just what I needed. Then the Spirit made me get up and share my testimony. (haha) And I was bawling and I felt really stupid and like a girl but I didn't care. I learned most that Heavenly Father knows and loves us even when we don't really know or love ourselves.

 I can really see the miracles around us, for real. I love being a missionary and I love it here in this stake. This week we have 35 scheduled appointments!!! That is nuts. 

Want you to know I love y'all! And I really am okay. :)


Sister Kingsford

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