Cred to the Holy Ghost

So this week has been pretty good. I got super sick on Wednesday night and ended up having to go the ER (sorry you'll have to pay for that daddy) and they put an IV in me and busted some veins. Still have bruises on my hands. But the nurses were so sweet (it was 4 am btw) and I just felt really calm and good the whole time I was finally in the ER. Cred to the Holy Ghost. All the nurses and doctors were making jokes about do you smoke or drink? only on pdays right? Lol @ Utah. Everyone is mormon. ;) 

But then I slept and drank pedalite/g2 and ate crackers for two days and then started feeling better. I am still kinda sick. But the doc prescribed some meds that help. And I'm gonna go see our mission doctor and get tested for acid reflux. I had a virus on wednesday - but the other times I think it's acid reflux. 

ANYWAY we had a lot of really great sisters in the stake who stayed with me and went out with Sister Cambpell to work so we still had a productive week. 

We had to take this survey thing in our mission to see what our top 5 strengths/talents are and then at zone conference yesterday we had a little workshop that talked about them. I will attach my results and y'all can tell me what you think? It's really interesting. 

Today we are going to work on the Samoan dance for the Brunch this saturday. Brunch should be AWESOME! We've invited about 125 people just from our stake. Hope it goes well. 

We are still working hard and having a good time. 

I am doing better emotionally and working to be a little better every day.


Guess whose turning 20 and also turning 6 months old in 18 days? ;)

Here are some pics.

One is of baby Rykar who is so cute and we love him so much. And then one is of us with all the Boys from that family. (I look awful! but just ignore me and look at the adorable boys) They are like our favorite family. We've been working with them for a long time (mostly the dad) and they are now active and are gonna go to the temple in march! So there is a pic of a little visual aid/game we came up with for them all about "Our Road to the Temple". Pretty cute huh?

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