Our Brunch Was A HIT!

Hey gorgeous family of mine! 

Life has been good. Dr. Nellis came to see me to test if I have diabetes or acid reflux....and the verdict is....ACID REFLUX! lol I told him so. ;) But I also had to go get blood work done again! Bleh. 

Anyway! Our brunch was a HIT! We had over 150 people show up from all the stakes and it smelled like smoke and tattoos were everywhere and it was wonderful!!! I will attach the video of the samoan dance I choreographed. The Elders were SO GREAT at participating and even came to a practice at 5:30 in the morning. It was AWESOME! I am also doing this thing called "purifying yourself" our whole zone is doing it. You fast for a day for the Lord to tell you the things you can improve on and then you write em out and fast from those things for 40 days! Aka I am fasting from sarcasm and teasing among other things for 40 days! We'll see how I do. Hopefully it will just make my mission even better! It's based on a letter that a dad wrote to his sons while they were on their missions. I'll send it along. *Cassie does your mission do this? It's all over here.

I still think the whole strengths survey thing was kind of a waste of time - we still haven't done anything with or talked about them since. But whatevs. Maybe I'll add em into my personal study. They did give us a good worksheet to go with our patriarchal blessings so I'll for sure do that. 

KYLER IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! Kyler is 14 and awesome! He is pretty shy with us, but he is so ready to be baptized. We are really hoping and praying that this will make his parents wanna be active again. We also invited Ahna to go so she can see what a baptism is like. We also invite Tyana (Jeff's daughter)! Tyana wants to learn more but doesn't wanna betray her mom so while we are doing the new member lessons with Jeff we also try to include some things for Tyana. Maybe one day when she's older she'll join. We don't want her to feel like she's sneaking behind her mommas back.

I'm going to attach a pic of the zone sweatshirts that I designed (on the back above the 37 will be our last names). 

We are always so busy and it's amazing! 

Last sunday we finally got Ahna and John to meet with us again. Ahna isn't doing too well - please pray for her!! We also finally met with Jayden and he is gonna get baptized on February 15! He also had his less active friends come and his nonmember girlfriend. It's been awesome. Jeff has been smoke free (again) for 3 days!! pray that he'll keep it up so he can get the priesthood!!

Johnna is also doing better and started reading in the Book of Mormon and praying again. We are unsure of when to invite Kylie for baptism - she wants to be baptized! But her mom is still kinda iffy about it because she herself is very much inactive. But Kyler's mom said she would LOVE to drop off the kids every sunday with her girls. So..we'll see. 

Here are some interesting things I've learned in some personal study:
1. Go read the last chapter of Jesus the Christ (you can download it under family in Gospel Library app). It's got some really good insights on the second coming. 
2. When we are resurrected we will still eat food...aka there is food in heaven. ;) Luke 24:42-43
3. I love  2 nephi 4:17-30
4. 2 nephi 8:6 GLOBAL WARMING
5. Alma 30:44 God is the greatest scientist ever
6. MY MISSION: D&C 31:3 and 1 Corinthians 13:11

Anyway! I LOVE YOU!!

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  1. So proud of you Kendall! The dance looked so good - I'm glad it was a hit.