My Testimony Grows As I Teach

Overall, this week has been good. Kyler got baptized!!! And when he was confirmed I felt the Spirit so strongly. My very favorite thing is feeling God's overwhelming love for His children. I know I can comprehend His love because it is so great, but I know it fills me up so I can only imagine how very much He loves us. 

The Olsen's (one of the less active families we work with) blessed their little girl on Sunday too! Jayden is FOR SURE getting baptized on the 15th! So exciting!! We had a lesson about the Law of Chastity earlier this week and it was AH-mazing. It's crazy how my testimony of EVERY SINGLE principle of the gospel grows so much as I've been able to teach them. We shared some awesome videos - look them up. They are called "Chastity - what are the limits?" and "Within Bounds". The second one is Elder Holland and oh my goodness. Every young man (and woman) wanting to serve a mission should watch it. Very good. And then Jayden and his buddies shared about why they think the law of chastity is important and two of them (including Jayden) talked about how they've seen the affects of it in their lives because their parents are divorced. And Jayden teared up. They are AWESOME young men. We are so proud of all of them. They Spirit was just so strong and testified of God's love for us and the protection of our hearts and souls the Law of Chastity provides.

It was a busy week again - this week looks kinda less than what we hope for but that just means we gotta get some more contacting and scheduling done. 

Been reading Our Heritage: A Brief History of the Church. It is good. It is also sad. I am so blessed to not have to endure the kind of trials the early saints did! I appreciate them so much.

Also, D&C 6:7-9 speaks to me for sure. 

Also Isaiah chapters are still difficult for me to understand... 

Also, my studies just make me so stoked to go take more religion classes at BYU.

Also, our zone sweatshirts turned out real cute.


Also, I miss you!

Also, go watch this video: http://bcove.me/k37lc4lc

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