You Could Just Feel God's Love and Appreciation


This week's been good. And busy as usual.

On Tuesday we met with the Jacobs and talked all about the Spirit and Joseph Smith's first vision. We invited them to pray about the first vision and the Book of Mormon and to notice the influence of the Spirit as they do so. Joe said he would when he felt he was ready (Joe is already a member but has never been active) which in turn led Erin to say she felt the same. So basically they go to church every week, Joe goes home teaching, they read the Book of Mormon together and they aren't progressing because they won't take the next step. How can we help them? Another issue is that Erin is studying for the next part of her CPA exam so she doesn't wanna meet with us until that's over which isn't until next month. ._. So pray for the Jacobs!

Then wednesday, we had Melanie and we talked about a goal of getting to the temple and she said yes! that feels just right. Which is awesome. We talked all about recognizing God's hand in her life. How He has led her to move here into this area with these wonderful people to be her friends and us to help her along to reach her goals. It was goooood. Then we had Jonna and she was a little down because she keeps letting her drug dealing ex boyfriend talk to her so we talked all about how she is a new person who deserves new friends that don't use and abuse her - that she wants to be able to keep the Spirit around and her old friends don't allow her to do that. We saw her again on Friday and yesterday and she is doing much much better. And she went to church with us on Sunday and so did John (her brother) and Ahna (his fiance who is working with us on getting baptized soon). And Jonna is just such a good little missionary. She wants to share this light she's now found with everyone! After the chiropractor today we are going to go hang out with her. She's so excited! And so are we ;)

Crys is not doing so well - her house is a million times better! Still fairly hoarder like, but much cleaner and smells so much better. She couldn't find her money to pay the gas bill yesterday and was upset about that and worried that her husband would come home and be a buttface to her. So we prayed and read in the Book of Mormon and it helped. And we invited her to come back to church and she said if her husband isn't home on sunday then she'll come. We also have some really great people that are friends with her husband that we are working with to invite them over for dinner with us there too so we can at least meet with her husband and see if he would like to start meeting with us too.

Jayden had his baptismal interview on Wednesday and is going to get baptized this Saturday! We are so excited. It was going to be last weekend but his extended family wanted to be able to come too so we had to postpone just a bit. It's going to be great! Jayden is an awesome young kid. He will be such a good missionary and influence in the church some day. So excited!

We meet with the Bensons again tomorrow and we are going to invite them for baptism. They're so great! 

We met with Ed last Saturday and were able to finish the Restoration and talk about the Book of Mormon. His faith is so wonderful. He talked about how grateful he was for the Spirit and light we bring to his home - so we of course clarified that the Spirit and light are from Christ and from God's love and happiness in Ed's decision to learn more about His church.  We invited him to prepare to be baptized on March 15th and he said yes! He and Betsy said they would come to church the next day...and then that night we got a voice mail from Betsy saying to "just quit coming over" so we were of course devastated and called her back. She didn't answer and then the next day she texted and said "you can still come teach Ed." So we were very confused and so we went over there last night and she was so nice and open and loving and let us leave a little message and pray all together and then we talked about how we would be back to meet with her and Ed on Saturday and she said "okay sounds great I will remind Ed." Needless to say, I am still a little confused. But I am sure Ed will fill us in on what was going on - he is very open with us.

Sunday night we had a musical fireside - I was singing in the choir and so was sister campbell and she also accompanied a piece. It was SOOO good. There is so much talent in our mission. SO SO much. I was amazed. I felt the Spirit so strongly. You could just feel God's love and appreciation each time missionaries shared their amazing talents. These missionaries glowed with the light of Christ! So wonderful. We are lucky we get to be in another one in two weeks in Logan! So fun. 

We also had interviews with President this week and he told me to get ready to take over the area next transfer. Eeeep!

Yesterday we went to see some referrals we received and met an old man who was fairly anti-mormon. He was so cute and his last name was Pimper and he was in a velour track suit that just made me laugh so much. And he kept saying things and we would just smile and say well thank you for your time. And I think that confused him. but he smiled and shut the door real slow and said "Just think about what I've said." We about died laughing. It was so funny. Silly, misinformed people. 

Last night we met with Beth and she came to church with us on Sunday too! She is so awesome. The Spirit is so strong in our lessons with her, it's so great. She's so awesome. She's gonna meet with the Bishop soon and set a goal of getting back to the temple by September. 

I am doing well - growing and learning right along with all the people we are blessed to meet with. I know my Savior lives and love's me. I am His. Hope everyone has a fabulous week.


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