My mom is an AMAZING cook!

Hellloooooo! This week has felt SO long and yet went by so fast. It was so full.

Tuesday we met with Dillon and his friends (Shannon had food poisoning because Dillon took her to Beijing Buffet the night before. Everyone know the BB is a no go.) and we talked all about the Book of Mormon. He still doesn't have an open heart about the whole thing. He just wants to argue with us. We just smile and show so much love and talk all about how The Book of Mormon has changed our lives and that it WILL change his too. He asked me if the Bible would do the same thing. And I very firmly said no, it will not. It is amazing and wonderful and SO SO important because it tells us so much about Christ's life, but it does not contain the fullness of the gospel and because of that it does not change us like the Book of Mormon does. Every time we meet with him it's a challenge to stay patient, but it just strengthens my own testimony of everything that we teach. I grow so much stronger and I feel the Spirit testifying through me. He still wants to meet with us. And so does Shannon - her heart is definitely more open so we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday we had exchanges so Sister Tuiala came to be with me for 24 hours. It was really great! It was just what I needed. The Lord knows me so well. I've been hesitant about the idea of Sister Campbell leaving and would I really be able to take over the area, but I realized I really truly can. We had so much fun, and I just felt the Spirit reassuring me all day that I am ready for the challenge and that I need it. We got to see Jonna and Crys. Everyone always loves getting to meet them because they are both such characters and so full of life and love for us. Crys is still struggling - she finally read her reading assignments in the Book of Mormon and had so many good questions for us. It was really great! And Jonna was so excited about being invited to hang out with some good active YSAs. She is doing better and better each day.

Later that night we were on splits and I went to meet a new potential investigator named Eduardo. One of the girls that comes on splits with us actually worked to set it all up. Her brother is friends with Eduardo and he has been coming to church with them so they invited him to meet with us. He is 17 and so ready for the gospel. We talked all about the Restoration and the feelings of the Spirit and recognizing that God is talking to him through those and how He is letting Eduardo know that what he is doing is right and that what we talk about is true. His cousin Abraham came too and he would answer my questions in Spanish and then Eduardo would translate. They are both so awesome. I invited them both for baptism on March 22 - Abraham said he would like to wait until he goes back to Mexico this summer to be baptized with his dad. His mom was baptized a month ago in Mexico. How cool is that? His parents are being taught in Mexico by missionaries and he and his cousin are being taught here by us. And then Eduardo said YES! Yay yay yay! He is so awesome.

Then we met with Jayden to talk a little more about his upcoming baptism and how Satan would be trying to get to him in this time. It was very good. He was so excited for his baptism! This last Saturday he got baptized and it was AWESOME!

A ton of people came - including Eduardo. The Spirit was so strong and Jayden bore his testimony afterwards. Then Sunday he received the Holy Ghost and that was so great too! Eduardo also came to that because he will be a member of that ward. After the baptism Jayden hugged us both and a bishopric member came up and was like,"I saw that." and Jayden said oh no! was that not allowed and he turned so so so red. It was so funny.

Then we also met with Shauntay and she is so sweet and I just love her kids. I'm going to attach a pic of tristan in fake glasses because he is so cute. But it was just a really good lesson. There whole family is doing so much better. We talked about the idea of perfection and grace. And the Spirit was really there. She is so loved by our heavenly father.We all are.

The olsens have a goal of getting to the temple by July! YAY! And the Jensens have a goal of April 29. Hopefully I will still be here for that.

Sunday we met with the Bensons and talked about the Plan of Salvation. As we talked about the Atonement we invited Jessica for baptism on March 22nd. She said that would be great! And she said she definitely wants to work towards that goal! We also met with Ahna that day and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ a little more in depth. She loved repentance and we addressed some of her concerns for baptism and then invited her for the 22nd too! She said yes! So that's THREE baptisms on the 22nd.CRAZY! Hopefully they will all reach that goal, and if not, at least they'll all be taking more and more steps towards Christ. Ahna and John have to get married before Ahna's baptism too...unless they commit to keeping the Law of Chastity. Good thing my momma is a party planner so I can use my setting up skills to help with the wedding. haha!

It has been such a good week and there are so many other people we met with that I would love to talk all about but that would be a realllllllly long message. Just know I am happy and healthy and lovin' being a missionary. I love these people so much.

Life lessons this week:
1. My mom is an AMAZING cook! For real, I have been so blessed. I miss her cooking.
2. The Lord has blessed me to be able to sing and have confidence in my singing so much on my mission. I don't know what I'm gonna do without sister campbell to be my duet. I most likely won't sing as much. I might actually have to present the Restoration not in song at baptisms..
3. I love the Stake! I learn that more and more every week.
4. The Apostles of Jesus Christ did not have the Holy Ghost with them while Christ was on the Earth because they were in his presence, but he sent the Spirit to them after his death to be with them always. The Holy Ghost is such an INCREDIBLE gift.
5. The Gospel Library App is the best invention ever. I have everyone we teach download it because it's so awesome.

Also here is my FAVORITE video for the last long while... http://bcove.me/90o0ujqj


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