I just can't get enough of reading the scriptures


This week has been a good one. Jessica (our investigator with a date of the 22nd) finally came to church. It's been her husband (whose been less active since he was 12) that's been holding them back. Our ward mission leader wants to talk with her husband about moving up in the priesthood so he can baptize her. WHOO HOO! That would be so awesome. We love their cute little family. Jessica said "I have a hard time putting the Book of Mormon down." She's SO great. They really enjoyed church. And everyone in their ward was so good about welcoming them and inviting them to things. It was good stuff. And it just so happened to be testimony meeting so it was an extra good sacrament meeting. Sister C and I always bear testimony every chance we get!

John and Ahna are doing much better! Ahna is still set for wanting to be baptized. They just really need to get married soon. Hopefully we can get that in the works. Sister Campbell is going to be taking their engagements and I am helping get things in gear for planning the wedding. Lol - I am planning a wedding on my mission. How very me-like. She is so excited to be baptized! And John has gone to church all three hours and every week since we challenged them to. 

Jonna had a bad week last week. She had a rough experience with a nurse at one of her doctor appointments and she also lost her appeal for her case so she's been asleep every time we went by to see her, but yesterday she was up and ready and she talked with us about everything. And we encouraged her to do those things we know bring peace - prayer, scripture study, going to church, and meeting with us. :) I pray she has a better week this week. I just love her - I feel like I knew her in the pre-existence. 

We were able to teach Eduardo twice this last weekend and both times went really well. He is set for baptism on the 22nd for sure. He is so prepared - it's nuts. 
Zane quit chewing! Melanie is happier every week and Crys is loving being able to teach painting lessons again. She even got her scripture reading done and still had time to prepare for her classes. 

Dave and Gladys are just soaring more and more every week. Dave has gone two weeks without coffee! And he set up an appointment with the bishop to talk with him about what he needs to do to be ordained an Elder! We are so excited for him. We love them so much. 

Ed still wants to meet with us but his mom has been very very sick so he's had to cancel our appointments, but he called to reassure us that he still wants to meet and eventually get baptized! 

The musical fireside was WONDERFUL! I loved being able to feel the Spirit so palpably. 

I have been studying in the Old Testament more recently and it makes sense! That is such a tender mercy of the Lord - a small miracle for me to be able to understand the Old Testament. I just can't get enough of reading the scriptures. Just goes to show that D&C 6:7-8 is being fulfilled for me again and again.   

I love you all so much! You are each such a HUUUUUGE blessing in my life.

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