Eduardo was baptized!!

This week has been so good. Eduardo was baptized!! We had to get it all worked out and scheduled and meet with him everyday beforehand so he would be completely prepared - but he already was and I knew that from our first lesson. The Lord truly does prepare people. When he came up out of the water we all felt the Spirit so strongly and he did too. Afterwards, he shared his testimony and had everyone crying. He is going to be a wonderful leader in the church someday. I feel so blessed to be privileged to be a part of his incredible decision to become a follower of Christ.

Last week we had quite a few cancellations. But we still had a lot of lessons. One in particular was with Crys - who we have been debating about dropping because she still hasn't attended church and we've been working with her for 5 months. So we had decided we were going to talk with her about meeting with the bishop and about attending church with us on Sunday because it is Sister Campbell's last Sunday in this area. We go into our lesson and she tells us that the bishop called her in and gave her a calling and then she showed us her outfit that she bought to wear to church this Sunday. Oh, the tender mercies of the Lord. It really felt like a miracle. 

Another miracle is this last Wednesday I met a man named Larry while we were on splits. Larry had lived in Utah for almost his whole life. He has been married to two Mormon women, his kids and his grand kids are all baptized, but Larry is not. He has some Word of Wisdom habits he needs to break, but other than that he is living the standards of our church. I set up a lesson with Larry and his wife for that following Saturday (his wife is also less active). So at our lesson we felt very comfortable with Larry and Julie and were bold and loving with them. I asked Larry why he is not baptized and he said he has some bad habits and doesn't feel worthy. So we told him that we work with so many others who also have bad habits and can help him. Then I felt that I should look at the calendar on my iPad and felt that I should invite Larry to be baptized on April 26 - so I did. He said,"hmm..." and then tried to steer away from the whole thing but we kept bringing him back and asking for an answer to our invitation. He said he doesn't want to say yes and then not make it to that day because of other unforeseen circumstances. So I told him that the Lord had directed me to that day and that He would help Larry get there if Larry did his part. Overall, it was an AMAZING lesson about baptism, the Spirit, and learning more by meeting with us. He and his wife are going to be meeting with us and someday soon Larry will be baptized. ;) Oh! and they went to church this 

We are having so many wonderful experiences and I am so blessed to be serving in this area. We see miracles every day. I love being a missionary! 


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