The Lord is working some magic


This week has been good. My comp is good - We have fun. Our week was a little slower - but it's good because we are finding new people. We have a lesson with Jim Eddings tonight - FINALLY! We've been trying since January but he's always had things come up like legit real excuses. But I found an old teaching record for him from when the Elders were here. He was progressing really well - going to church every week and had a date for baptism and then the Elders were both transferred out and he somehow got lost. So hopefully our lesson will go well tonight. His sister just recently died from complications in surgery, so our message will be really good for him!

I have been a little under the weather because it's fertilizer season in our farming town so my allergies are wicked bad. But I am getting a little better! Using some do terra essential oils (lol how utah of me). ;) 

LARRY CAME TO CHURCH! And we sat with him and he is going to get baptized and everyone is AMAZED. He's lived in Utah his whole life. And he is 63. The Lord is working some magic. I love Larry! He told me he likes me so much because I remind him of his grandma - so that's why he does what I say. Haha. He says I give him "the look" that says "you must do what I say". ;)

Crys wants to get her patriarchal blessing! Which is awesome, but she still hasn't come to church so I had a very bold lesson with her - partially because I am sick so I don't take no bull. But also because I love her so much and we've been working for so long with her and she is SO CLOSE. So hopefully she'll be at church on Sunday

Yesterday Nesy let us back in to teach her! Which is awesome because one of my first lessons here was with her and she dropped us. But this time went really well and she said she loved our brunch and that she thought our dance was so good and that I was really good at it. Haha - well I did choreograph it. But I thought that was awesome - that our Brunch really did something. Even if it's just having Nesy let us back in to teach her. 

We taught relief society and yet again I was so grateful for theater because I am so comfortable in front of crowds. It was all about Bonnie Oscarsons talk - be ye converted. It talks about in order to gain a testimony of something you have to DO it first. So we talked about how do you become converted to doing missionary work? BY DOING IT! haha.

Well I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Wish we had more time but we got our nails done by shauntay and it took three hours, but our nails look goooood. ;)

Sister Kingsford aka your fave missionary 

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