FAMILY THAT I LOVE AND ADORE SO MUCH! Sorry for not writing a big ole email last week. I was pretty pooped. 

Today our zone went on a hike. It was fun. The Elders didn't exactly plan very well - we got lost a few times but we eventually made it to the cave we were looking for. I am very prepared to be sore tomorrow. Let's just say that. Also, the hike took 3 hours. And the Elders drove our Jeep up to us on the way down so we could just drive it out. *not my idea. Sis Shaver gave em our keys - I was a wee bit worried about it, but I drove us out safely. Thankfully!

Preface to this last week: THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES. Ever. Never. I am not being cheesy, it's true. Very, very true. 

 We met with quite a few new people and are now going to be teaching them regularly! ALSO Ed and Jessica are back in our teaching pool. As a refresher for who they are - Ed Garza is in his 50s and his wife is less active. He dropped us previously because he didn't want to upset his mom because she is Catholic and was very ill. She passed away two weeks ago. :( But now he met with us. We were going to just share a message and set goals but the Spirit had other plans. We taught the Plan of Salvation up to the Atonement - and then read Alma 7:11-15 and then invited him for baptism on the 26th of April and he said yes!! *party* As a funny side note: Sister Campbell told me this story about how when her friend was meeting with missionaries and finally accepted a date for baptism her sister pulled up and came inside after the missionaries had left and asked, "Why are the Elders outside dancing?" hahaha. That's so true. It's just so exciting to be able to witness the miracles God works and getting to be a part of them just makes you wanna dance! So anyway Ed and his wife also accepted tickets for conference and went down on Sunday afternoon! Speaking of conference - it was SO good right?? What were y'all's fave talks?? I loved Christofferson's all about Christ and the Atonement. Also, Elder Corbridges was killer good!!!!

We went to the Sunday afternoon session with Jessica - refresher about Jessica: she is married to Kris who has been less active for most of his life. And we met with them before Sister Campbell left and I cried in the lesson because they were dropping us and I just love them so much. ANYWAY we've been trying to talk to them about us just going and reading the Book of Mormon with them but they've not gotten back to us. So on Friday Larry and Julie told us they weren't going to be able to make it to conference so we then went out on a limb and asked Jess if she and Kris would like to go. And guess what - she said yes! That she has always wanted to. So then we went by later that night and dropped off the tickets. We also asked them if we could ride with them which Jess was really happy about in case she had any questions. 

So we rode down with them and it was a pretty quiet ride down - noticeably some tension between them. So we got there and it was PACKED so it took forever to get into the parking garage and then we ran to the conference center. Note to all: E-Cigs are not allowed in the conference center. So they had to run back to the car and put the E-Cig away. (btw are E-Cigs waaaay popular back home?? Cause they are the THING here) And we were way worried they wouldn't make it back in. BUT THEY DID! The whole time I was praying that the conference would touch their hearts - I know I felt it in me. Afterwards, we got in the car and we were stuck at a stand still for an hour. No lie. But back to the no coincidences - it was just what was needed for them both to open up to us about everything! Kris told us how much he loved conference, how strong he felt the Spirit. He said it was the second time he had felt the Spirit in his whole life! And the first was our last lesson with them. He said after our lesson he went into the Laundry room and knelt down and prayed aloud to God for the first time in a very long time. They also told us how crazy it is that every time we knock on their door is exactly when they need us (God). #nocoincidences  THEN Jessica said how much she wants to get baptized and how much she feels that this is the right thing to do and then Kris said he wants to move up in the priesthood so he can baptize her and then eventually move up so he can give blessings to their kids. HOLY MOLEY! It was seriously amazing. We basically had like six lessons in one car ride. I love them so much. 

We had a lot of other amazing miracles happen this week and I am so so so blessed to be a part of them. #nocoincidences and don't forget it!

Also read Isaiah 53! Also, I love you all so much! 

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