This last week was good - long, but good. 

Ed and Betsy had another family emergency which stinks because that means no meeting with us until they work it out - which is silly because Jesus Christ makes family emergencies a whole lot better to handle. And who are we representatives of? Why Jesus Christ of course. Anyway. we met with Jessica and Kris which was so awesome! We read of Jesus Christ's coming in the Book of Mormon and answered a TON of questions that Jess has. They also all came to church on Sunday - all three hours! And Kris met with the bishop to discuss what he needs to do in order to be able to baptize Jess. One thing about Jessica's baptismal date is that Kris wants her to wait until he can also confirm her and give her the gift of the holy ghost - which is gonna take awhile because he will have to be ordained an Elder. And he happens to have a lot of Word of Wisdom problems. Soooo we'll see how the meeting with the bishop went and go from there. 

Misty, Jim, AND Larry all cancelled on us this week. :( BUT we just went and saw Larry and had a door step lesson (because his wife wasn't home) and followed up on his reading and praying. He said he has prayed over meals. And then he gave us a lot of excuses for why he didn't read or pray about being baptized. So I told him he was breaking my heart - he has now promised us 3 times that he would read and pray. So I asked him to read and pray right after we left. And he PROMISED he would. We are also texting him every day to remind him to read and pray. Fingers crossed that he does this week!! Misty has just changed jobs so she is waiting until her training is done and she has a solid schedule to set days that she meets with us. And Jim also started a new job...BUT we still met with Dillon and Shannon this week and Dillon was actually late. So it was perfect for Shannon to feel the Spirit without him being a Negative Nancy the whole time. We went over the plan of salvation again. And focused on the Atonement and how baptism is how we FULLY access that sacrifice from Christ. And then we invited her for baptism again. She sat in silence for awhile. Then I asked how she was feeling. And she said she couldn't describe it! YES! HELLO SPIRIT! So we taught about the Spirit and let her know that that was God talking to her. And that baptism would allow her to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost so that God can talk to her ALWAYS. So we invited her for May 24th. She asked if she could think about it. And so we invited her to PRAY about it. And Bro. Tingey is gonna be reading the Book of Mormon with her all week. So that's awesome. We've got a lesson with her tomorrow night so I'm excited. 

The Jensens are gonna go through the temple in two weeks!!! Yippeeee! I am so excited for them. This is the first sealing that I'll be able to witness. Very exciting. So so happy for them! The Wilsons are also getting close to going to the temple too! And Eduardo and Kyler are going to be doing baptisms soon so we will go with them too!! 

GUESS WHO ANSWERED THERE DOOR AND HAD A DOOR STEP LESSON WITH US??? Jeff! Reminder of who Jeff is: he was baptized on January 1st. It was his birthday! It was beautiful and wonderful and everyone felt the Spirit and Jeff bore his testimony. Then we were working on getting him the priesthood so he could then go so baptisms at the temple and he suddenly dropped us. He was angry with his wife, and angry with God. Saying that God was punishing him. So Sister Campbell and I kept trying to get back in to help him and he just wouldn't budge. So we gave him some space. And Sister Shaver and I went by on Saturday night after a lesson cancelled on us and lo and behold he answered and was all smiles! And told us all about how good he is doing now and how he tried going to church the week before but it was conference. And we had a really good talk about the Atonement and I shared Mosiah 5:6-9 with him all about covenants. And we talked about how he still needs to get to the temple. And we are gonna meet with him next week. It would be this week, but he is going out of town. 

Today I got my haircut! yay! I have bangs again. 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Miss you tons. 

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