I am so blessed to be able to help people all day long!!!

First of all HOW CUTE IS BABY BEAR???? #dying #tears #inlove

How was Easter??

Our's was good - lots of people that we challenged to come to church did! Yipee We spoke in two wards all about how to do missionary work. I referenced a lot from Elder Ballards most recent talk from last conference. 

Before you read more...go watch this video. http://bcove.me/25ol2ef3

I love the bible videos - all of them! My favorite one is definitely this one though...https://www.lds.org/bible-videos/videos/jesus-heals-a-man-born-blind?lang=eng

I love our Savior! So so so much!

We taught a lot and even taught some new people that we will be consistently teaching from now on - all less active members. YAY! We've been having not as much luck with our investigators as of late. So many cancelled lessons and missed meetings. :( Pray for Larry, Jim, Ed, Jessica, Ahna, and Misty!!! There is so much potential, but everyone seems to be falling away. Don't worry - we are still trying to catch up with them and find them home and set up lessons. It's been tough though. 

Ed actually texted us and said he no longer wants to meet with us. So we asked why and he didn't reply. So we went by there last night and talked about things. He said he is still grieving the death of his mom and feels like everything is piling up on him. So we shared D&C 121:7-8 and talked about how when we are working hard, making the decisions God wants us to Satan likes to get in our way. He said thank you and he cried. He told us he is just not ready, but will let us know when he is. Needless to say, we will visit him again later this week. 

We were able to share the Because of Him video with a lot of different people. There is one ward that has been struggling to find appointments or people for us to work with so we went to their ward council last last Sunday and took notes on some people we could go visit. All of them went really really well and we shared the message of Jesus Christ with them. 

Life is good! I am happy.

One thing I've discovered is that I've really grown up since becoming senior companion. Instead of worrying about myself so much - like how I can improve my teaching or what I need to do better (which I still think about but not as much) - I focus on how I can help Sister Shaver. Like how I can help her feel more comfortable in this area and in teaching. I worry about how I can be a better companion and help her grow in confidence as a missionary. It is good - it is what I am good at. You know? For instance the other night, Sis Shaver opened up about anxieties and insecurities she has. And I whipped right into Momma mode. Knowing how to listen and then evaluate and encourage and find a solution. I know its definitely one of my spiritual gifts from the Lord. I am so blessed to be able to help people all day long!!! 


I hope little Bear is doing well and knows his Aunt Koko loves him!!!!!! :)

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