We found out transfers today...

We found out transfers today...


Both sister shaver and I are....STAYING!!


This means I will have been in the area for 7 1/2 months by the end of this next transfer...that's a long time! I hope Larry gets baptized before I leave! And Jessica! And Ed! If not, I can go to the temple with them when they go do baptisms. :) It will be REALLY hard to leave if I get transferred next go round. ALSO one of our areas is getting pink washed (sisters are taking over an Elders area) and Sister Howe is one of the sisters coming!!! #bestdayever 

This last week was good!! We met with lots of awesome poeple - had a bunch of cancellations though. :( Hopefully we will have more lessons with our investigators this week! Especially Jessica. They went out of town last week but are back so we are going to go by there tonight. 

This week...it hailed. And snowed. And it was also very sunny. And we had a day of it raining all day. it's been CRAZY. 

We finally have a lesson in Bear River 2nd ward!! *party* This has been the ward that struggles most with missionary efforts. We spoke in their ward and visited a ward council and then went to see all the people discussed in it and now a less active family has been invited to meet with us! Yay! 

Also something amazing happened...Crys came to church! After 6 months of working with her she finally came to church for the first time in 20 years. It was amazing. And now she has plans to receive her patriarchal blessing! So wonderful. Just shows patience is a virtue. 

Sister Shaver is getting more and more confident in our area and in lessons which is awesome! We laugh and love working together. 

Also last night I found my retainer after losing it for a few months...let's just say my mouth hurts a lot...Learned my lesson. 

I love you all!! and miss you. Send me more pics of y'all!!! 


Sister Kingsford

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