9 months

So it's weird that I just recently skyped most of y'all..almost feels like it didn't happen. Lol. 

It always feels like a strange out of body experience when you talk to your family..

This week was good! We met with Brian last night and it was really intense - he has a lot of remorse and guilt for things of the past (he used to be in a gang) and he is also having major anxiety about his ex-best friend getting out of jail soon because this friend "did him dirty" like some really awful stuff that I won't go into cause it is really bad. But we were trying to talk about how Jesus Christ is there for him to help take away those awful feelings. And he just wasn't taking in anything we were saying so we asked him if he would like a priesthood blessing of comfort and he said "you can do that?" We said well WE can't but we can call some really nice men to come give you one. So the ward mission leader and his neighbor came and gave him a WONDERFUL blessing. Brian and his wife cried and the Spirit was so strong. Hopefully Brian will continue to progress and make it for his baptism date (May 24). Btw we were at his apartment last night until. Woopsies! Hopefully the Lord will forgive us. 

Also Kris went to church all by himself! Because Jess was out of town. Awesome! But we also found out he is a recovering heroine addict...so we are gonna have to talk about becoming just a priest and allowing Jessica to get baptized without him confirming her because we spoke with the bishop and he (as well as we) feel he is not entirely committed or ready to be ordained an Elder. So the bishop is going to talk with the both of them about it all. And so are we! 

Btw John and Ahna are getting married this weekend!! That means she'll be closer to baptism. Now if only she didn't work 3 jobs...maybe she could actually meet with us. Working on it! She's so awesome.

The Wilsons are gonna go to the temple in July!!! YAY YAY YAY! And then jensens are going by the end of this month! So stoked for them! 

Shannon dropped us..we were on exchanged when it happened so I was actually in Willard with Sister Howe. But apparently she said it's because her dad has been having heart attack symptoms so she wants to be closer to him. So last night we met with just Dillon and not both of them. It was pretty good actually. Dillon is becoming less of a punk. So that's good ;)

We met with Kelsey this week and it was such a good lesson. She opened up a lot. And we were able to share our testimonies of the Savior and of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. And she talked about how strongly she felt the Spirit and how she just loves being able to feel it every time she meets with us or prays or reads in the book of mormon. It was so good. She's awesome and her little baby is gorgeous. Hopefully her fiance comes around. 

We also met with a few old ladies and old men. The old ladies were sweet but just too frail to make it out to church and the old men were grumpy and stubborn. Not surprisingly so. But the old men LOVE sisters. So we are working on softening their hearts. 

Well I love y'all I miss y'all!
Love, Sister Kingsford

P.S. I'm gonna attach some pics. One of them looks like I am legit preggo. I promise I'm not ;) it's just the sister tradition of taking a "9 months pregnant" pic once you've been out for 9 months. 

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