So Many Happy Tears

Last week was really great! We had lessons with Larry, Misty, and Brian! And we extended a baptism invitation to Larry (again) and he accepted even though he still doubts in the power that the Atonement will have in helping him quit smoking. He's a very frustrating, stubborn old man that I love a whole lot. We call him everyday (we would stop by but he drives truck so he's gone a lot) and talk about how his reading and praying and quitting smoking and coffee is going. Misty and the girls accepted a baptism date, with conditions...Misty says she's gotta have a "sit-down" with the girls and explain what the commitment of baptism will mean. We've gone by there to followup on how the talk went and she hasn't been home...we go by everyday so one of these days we'll catch her at home!! Brian is...well Brian. He came to church! Late and wearing...not church clothes. And he went to Sunday school! But walked out about four times...and didn't stay for priesthood. His wife also came and then left after sacrament. Oh boy. We're gonna have to have ANOTHER lesson about the importance of church attendance. And taking the sacrament so that means being on time for sacrament. We've got a lesson with them tonight so we'll see how it goes.

Something I've realized that I have been a little bit lonely. It's weird. And it's hard. I guess I've felt lost. BUT something wonderful happened today. I just got back from the temple and it was AMAZING. I really felt God's love pour over me. I didn't feel so alone. I didn't feel lost. I felt found. And I felt loved. And just so very content. It was definite bliss. Plus I was just so happy for the Jensen family. I love them so so much and we've been working with them since I got to this area. They're the cutest. And Joanna is such an example to me of how to persevere and face the incredibly difficult trials that get thrown our way. Plus Sister Campbell got to come with! Which was so good! Afterwards we just hugged Joanna and cried and cried. So many happy tears.

I really love this area and it'll be so hard to leave whenever I do. Last week we had interviews and President told me to prepare to train and to be an STL. But...we'll see when that happens. I'm also super stoked for the Ogden open house! Such a neat opportunity for people to invite their friends to tour the Lord's house. So cool! And I get to be a part of it! I'm so blessed.


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