It was AH-mazing!!!

Today has been good so far. I am working on just showing love and kindness and being happy. Which I definitely have been. VERY HAPPY! Can I just say, I love being a missionary. I love studying. I love learning. I love PEOPLE so much! 

Speaking of people I love, DAVE AND GLADYS GOT SEALED IN THE TEMPLE! It was AH-mazing!!! So much love. I love them A TON!! PLUS Joanna (her family just got sealed too remember?) took Sister Campbell and I home from the temple too. Joanna and I had a SUPER good talk after we dropped Sister C off too. We cried, of course. I love love love her so much. She also gave me a copy of her talk she gave in church about their Journey to the temple!! Needless to say, I bawled. Also Emilie Kingsford sent me the best letter ever. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. And Aunt Tracy sent me the most inspired email last week. I feel so loved!! By those lovely ladies and Heavenly Father. ALSO today we moved into a basement of a lady in our stake. It is...full of stuff. haha. We have a VERY pink room. But I appreciate it all, nonetheless. ;) I will have to take pics to send. But my new address is 2079 w 4300 s Roy UT 84067! :) Or you can always send things to the Mission office!! 

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