Lawlers and Thomas's Pit

So about this week...

Every single day seems incredibly long and every week feels like a day. Seriously. It's been a jam packed week full of ups and downs. Today we were able to go to the temple with Melanie (from Brigham)! It was her first time going and it was so wonderful. Just what I needed. Earlier this week we went on exchanges and I served with Sister Nelson and we had SO. MUCH. FUN. 

Also the temple was good. First time I've felt so much peace in a month. I feel so blessed. And loved. While in the Celestial Room, I turned to a scripture in D&C 68 where Heavenly Father is speaking to one of his servants. Instead of putting the man's name in, I put my own. And it felt like a letter to me. I was so grateful and so happy. I felt the Spirit so strongly! I want to hold on to that. I will pray that I can.

On exchanges I called Sister Howe and Sister Sauder and we had so much fun talking. I miss them. They made me so happy! It was the best. We laughed and laughed and laughed. #foreverfriends.

We had a good week with Gaige. She's so awesome. So far she's been good about quitting smoking - cutting back and going with out for long stretches. We love her so much! We also had a good lesson with this sweet and sassy old lady. She has a lot of misconceptions about the church, especially Joseph Smith. Even though she was raised in the church and was mostly active. So we are excited to help her learn the truth. 

The 4th was actually really fun! We taught Gaige in the morning and then had a zone activity. We combined with the Ogden South zone (so I got to see Sister Campbell and Sister Nelson) and played kickball and then had a water balloon fight and had lunch together. Then Sister Hansen and I studied outside lounging in the sun. I got a little bit of a tan! Which was great because I was glow in the dark white thanks to winter. Lol. Then we had dinner with the Laumers - who are the best member missionaries ever. And then we had to be inside our apartments by 7 so we went home and played some fun board games that we borrowed from our neighbor! 

ALSO!! On Saturday, we went to go see the Mohlmans! They have been on again off again meeting with missionaries. They actually lived in Madison for 6 months so we talked all about Lawlers and Thomas's Pit. lol. Then we had the best lesson ever which started out as us talking about the temple and then talking about eternal families and then prophets and then Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the priesthood. They believe Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. They has the Family proclamation in their family room. We invited them for baptism and they said they didn't see it as necessary because they had already been baptized so we talked about proper authority. And it was just awesome. We're meeting with them again tomorrow night. Hopefully we can clear up some misconceptions. 


Love love love,
Sister Kingsford

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