We Are So Proud and Super Stoked for Them

We've had a good week. Gaige and Journey went to church again! It was pretty awesome because Gaige originally texted us to tell us she wasn't going but then Journey was all ready to go and was like "aren't
you going to church??" So then Gaige did! Woot woot. They've also been keeping appointments and working on word of wisdom issues. We are so proud and super stoked for them. 

We've also picked up a few new less active members to teach! And we may have a new investigator by the end of the week named Joryn. He wants the priesthood aka he wants to get baptized. We talked with him on Sunday about getting permission from his mom because he is only 12. We will be calling him on Wednesday to see what mom said. 

Overall, this week was good. We have grown closer as a companionship and trade off days crying. Lol. We've had some ups and downs throughout the week. Sister Hansen struggles a lot with homesicknesses and I struggle a lot with taking on the emotions of others so I get more homesick than I've ever been on my mission.

But really things have been good. I love y'all a whole whole lot. 

Sister Koko

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