Growing is Difficult

This week has been a growing experience, for sure. But yesterday was a very very good day! We had a lesson with Gaige - our most progressing investigator. It was awesome, it was all about the power of The Book of Mormon. Then we were also able to invite Gaige's little sister journey to he baptized on July 12th along with her older sister and she said YES! Journey is 11 and so sweet. We will be meeting with them twice a week until their baptisms. We continue to knock on a lot of doors of referrals and find not much success. Buuuut we will persevere and have faith that The Lord is preparing people to hear our message. 

Yesterday we also had an awesome FHE as a zone. We watched this video - http://skitguys.com/videos/item/gods-chisel-2008 which you should watch because it is AWESOME. Had both sister Hansen and me bawling. Then afterwards sister Hansen got a blessing from one of the elders in one of our senior couples, it was perfect. Just what she needed to hear - that she's not perfect and THATS OKAY!! We've been bonding more with the Spanish sisters in our apartment which is way fun. Today as a zone we are gonna play some board games. I am doing well. Well actually it is a struggle everyday. But God never said it would be easy, only worth it right? Growing is difficult. I love love love being a missionary still!! Hopefully I can help Sister Hansen get there too.

Sister Kingsford

p.s. We are taking care of a betta fish for the Elders while they move. His name is Sharkbait Duke "Get it" Mckendrick 

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