Hello everyone that I love so much.

This has been a very full week. And by that I mean difficult. ;) So first I packed last Tuesday and Sister Shaver cried a lot because she was freaking out. But I was more in the denial stage and so I was just being silly and crazy and plus Sister Howe was with us all day so she helped me be super silly. We laughed A LOT. Then Wednesday I came to Roy and met Sister Hansen. She's 27, from Wisconsin and she's been out for 7 weeks now. We've been through a lot already and it's only been a week. Soooo her first companion went home after being with her for 3 weeks because her sister is dying...and then she was with another set of sisters for 3 weeks and they were covering 2 stakes so the work here slowed down. So basically I am white wash training, but it's hard because I don't feel like I am actually training because she knows more about the gospel than me......and she's basically a pro. But at the same time she doesn't know the logistics of how to be a missionary and she REALLY misses home. Like more than I did when I went to BYU. So A LOT. And she wants to go home everyday. And she's also a very serious person which is hard because I am a very goofy person. Sooooooo I had a little breakdown and I just prayed and prayed and then she came and hugged me and we talked it out and now we are working on loosening up and having fun while doing missionary work. Because if you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong. :)

Also we are living in a one bedroom apartment with another set of sisters...so they sleep in the bedroom and we sleep in the living room. Some good news is that we have a private gym that we use for morning workouts. Which is the bomb.com But all of us living together and sharing one bathroom...it's interesting. 

The stake is....needing some work on being member missionaries. So that is our main focus for now. We've also been doing ALOT of contacting referrals so walking and knocking on doors. And so my hip/back/neck have been acting up. So yesterday we were meeting with one of the bishops and the Spirit kept nagging me to ask him if he knew any Chiropractors and he did and then he called and set up an appt right then and then his wife took us over there. HOW NICE IS THAT?? Then the Chiropractor told me I was janked up. To which I said I know. And then he did a whole bunch of adjusting and then I could actually walk without limping! Yay! Needless to say, I am going back next week. 

We were also able to do a service project for the temple. In one of the parking garages, we painted the walls all white. There were a bunch of different Ogden zones there and it was fun. It is hard to be here and it is also awesome. All I know is that I love being a missionary and that Jesus makes anything possible. I want so badly for Sister Hansen to LOVE every day of her mission and I'm just not sure how to make that happen. I will keep praying about it. 

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