So basically for the past three days I have been freaking out worried about where I'm getting transferred. So much so that I have been incapable of putting on my eyeliner correctly because my hands are shaking. This morning at transfer breakfast we found out what is happening to our zone.....

I AM GOING TO ROY NORTH (it is just south of Ogden) AND I WILL BE SERVING WITH SISTER HANSEN. She is just out for six weeks. Her trainer had to go home early on in the last transfer because of family problems, but basically I will be finishing her training.  I am SUPER excited and SUPER nervous. lol.

Basically I will be packing all day long. :)

We had a good week this last week. Lots of therapy sessions because Shaver was / still is scared for me to leave. I told her not to worry and feel free to call me whenever she needs.

It's going to be really hard to leave...but I know it's all in the Lord's hands. :)

Sister Kingsford'

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