It Was Such a Rockin' Week Full of the Spirit!

We were able to attend the sealing of the Jensen family and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever been able to witness. So wonderful. We also were able to attend the temple with another less active that we've been working with who was finally able to return to the temple after many years. We also had a baptism this weekend! Basically it was the best week ever. So much salvation going on. It was such a rockin' week full of the Spirit! 

Sister Shaver is growing in confidence in lessons and is able to share more personal stories. For instance, last night we taught Kelsey and Jordan. Kelsey has been less-active since she was baptized so it's basically like teaching a convert when it comes to her. She is so amazing! The way she expresses how the Spirit affects her is so beautiful. We've been meeting with her for awhile. She's incredible. She works and is working on graduating high school AND she has a newborn. 

So last night we finally met with Jordan - her fiance, and her. And it was so awesome. Sister Shaver opened up about how the Atonement has been there for her. And I also shared that the pressure of perfection can really get to us as members and really discourage us. And the I've learned that we aren't perfect - and that's okay. If we were perfect we wouldn't need Jesus Christ, right? Jordan really opened up to us about growing up in the church and now feeling really guilty and hopeless because of the mistakes he has made. They are BOTH going to be meeting with us now! We also met with Larry to find out what his decision about committing to baptism was - he said he is just not ready. So we are just gonna keep meeting with his wife Julie and he is going to have to get in touch with us whenever he is ready. 


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