Overall, It's Been a Pretty Good Week

Hey! So this email is coming atcha live from early morning Zumba!!! Whoop whoop.

P.s. We will be on later in the day cause I know like none of youse is awake.

P.p.s. I know your next question is...how in the world is Koko so happy this early in the morning. Following are the reasons:

1. It's Zumba!!

2. Yesterday I got to spend the whole day with sisters Campbell and Howe! We went to our Brigham Chiropractor and then we were so late getting back that we couldn't switch back SOOO I stayed in their area with them all night. Eeeeee! So fun! Miss dem ladies.

3. Because I now remember that their are people in this world that love me. By world I mean mission cause I am well aware y'all love me.

Also shout out to KJ Cone, Cassie Lee, and Momma for sending THE BEST 1 year packages ever!!!!! Raise your hand if you can believe I've been out for over a year?? Yep that's right - none of ya. Weird.

Temple miracles: talked with MULTIPLE nonmembers and less active members in the tent this week who had a TREMENDOUS experience in the open house. Whoo!!

This week...let's see...we went and saw Susie Mohlman and she is still just meh don't see a need for baptism but we are gonna keep trying there...they are so close!! Then Wednesday Sister Hansen was real sick so I went to district meeting with Sister Boyson and she stayed home with our land lady. It was a good meeting - we "real play" role played aka all the senior couples and leadership in our zone were acting like door or street contacts throughout the church building and we had to try to contact them/invite for baptism. So I went around with the other Roy Sisters and we did pretty well!! Yay! Haha. It was fun - and a good learning experience. Then we went to lunch, went to Ulta
(reminder that we have to fit PDAY in whenever because of the Open House so I am breaking no rules) and to Wades lesson. The sisters were such great help with Sister Hansen being sick! #blessedwiththebest

Thursday...we worked the temple in the afternoon and then went on splits for lessons which no one was home for, so we knocked doors with our splits and everyone that was home denied us. BUT there were others that I felt prompted to leave a little sticky note for on the door and they texted us and set up lessons!! Yay yay yay! Miracles!

Then Friday we had weekly planning with the Boysons and a dinner with a part member couple. He was super nice and talked with us lots - he goes to church every week but he's not interested in being baptized because he really doesn't have any faith that God even exists.

Then Gaige and Journey (refresher: they dropped us) want to go to the temple with us! So we are taking them this Thursday! Yeehaw

Soo overall, it's been a pretty good week.

Love y'all soooooooo much,

Sister Kingsford

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