The INCREDIBLE Power of the Atonement Was Breathtaking


So this week has been good! Wednesday we had interviews with president. He told me something that I realized I really needed to hear...that I have been a very good companion for sister Hansen and he thanked me for it. I didn't know my heart needed to hear that until I felt so much better after he told me. Then he said he'd like me to stay in Roy and train next transfer! I'm getting a baby!! Lol. Maybe. we will see next week I suppose.

Thursday we went on exchanges all day after working a morning shift after the temple. I was with Sister Campbell and Sister Shaver because that night was Shauntays baptism!!!!!!! Raise your hand if you were as stoked as I was?! Yep, that's right none of yas. Cause I love her and her gorgeous family so much! It was such a beautiful day. To see the INCREDIBLE power of the atonement was breathtaking. And afterwards Shauntay played a song on her iPod that made sister Campbell and I bawl! Maybe I can find a link to it so y'all can hear it. Oh it's so good.

I love all my new best friends from my mission. So so so much!! Sister Campbell goes home next week. I cry a little just thinking about it. So excited for her next step in life though!

So then Friday we were also on exchanges so Sister Garrett (our STL/one of the Spanish sisters that was living with us in our previous apartment) who I love so much came and was my compie for the day. We did weekly planning with our senior couple and it went super well!

Then Saturday we worked the temple in the afternoon and I spoke with a man who has never really been active in the church who had a wonderful experience in the temple. He said he felt the spirit for the first time in his life in the celestial room. So I asked him if after that experience he would like to get active? He said yes so I got him to fill out a comment card and told him who his missionaries would be in Hooper. THEN he got his buddy to fill one out too!! #miracles

Saturday night we met with Shelby and talked about baptism - she and her mom were excited for her to get baptized!! We set a date for the 13th but then when we went for our lesson last night, her mom said she would like to wait until October...we shall see.

Then also last night we met with Angie, Braeley, Bridger, Brennan, and Briley. Lol Utah names. But anyway, I love them already. Angie went through a rough divorce a few years ago and she stopped going to church at all. She hasn't really taught the kids any sort of basis in Christ or anything so we started there. We invited Bridger for baptism because he is 11 and he said he didn't really want to because he'd like to learn more - which we completely agreed with. SOOO his mom and sisters are going to come to church with us on Sunday for the first time since moving here 3 years ago!!! The boys aren't coming because they'll be at their dads. But everyone is coming with us to the temple
open house next week!! Yay yay yay!

Life is good - our area is picking up! Lots of potential people to be helping draw closer to Jesus Christ!!

Love love love,

Sister Kingsford

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