To "My People"

Lately I've been randomly singing only the line, "these are my people, this is where I come from!" And I can't think of any of the other lyrics because I'm a missionary and normal music just gets wiped from your brain. Lol. 

But anyway..

To "my people":

This week was....rough. And yet it was also great. #blessed 
We went to an incredible baptism on Saturday - I cried.

I am also working on being like super sweet and patient aka not like me at all. I have become the dreaded primary president from Utah....it's true, I def have a Utah voice now. It's sickeningly sweet. And yet, I accept it. It's a part of being a Utah missionary. And I own it. Because I love love love my mission. Oh my heck! That's right I just said oh my heck...Utah probs. but really oh my heck I love my mission. I could be on my mission forever and be okay. 

Here is the list of crazy awesomeness from this week:
--Sis Howe and I were on exchanges Wednesday night and knocked on a bunch of doors of some very uninterested people and then we met a lady who thought we were her visiting teachers...but she was really nice and said she would like us to come back and would invite her daughter who isn't a member to join us #praise

--Thursday I got to go to the chiropractor...so good!

--We also had a lesson with Richard K. who has met with missionaries a lot before and feels like he has never gotten an answer before about whether or not he should be baptized. We invited him for baptism for the 1st of November. He says he just doesn't feel it. We discussed how prayers are answered and how it's not always like lightning. He's a very sweet old man. I told him I felt like I had come to Plain City for him. He still won't take that leap of faith...yet. Richard is going to take some patience.

--we had a lesson with Jason and Angie. They are working on going to the temple. Jason has like no knowledge of the gospel at all and Angie has some. I love them. They're super stressed out because they are moving into a new home and they both work a lot and yeah. So we read "Bear up their burdens with ease" by Elder Bednar and it was great!

--our ward mission leaders are on the ball!!! 

--I got a blessing of comfort from one of the Senior missionaries and it was much needed.

--we had zone conference and talked a lot about working with members...I felt rebuked because I've been not wanting to have member lessons about missionary work and instead just have less active and nonmember lessons...but you gotta build it before they come right?

--last night we met a lot of people and set up appointments with them

All is welllllllll!
I feel your prayers. Thank you.
So much love,

Sister Kingsford 

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