I Am Happy Happy!

We've had a good week! We taught 10 lessons! 9 to those who are less
active and one to Richard. We explained the plan of salvation to him
and it was great! He said it was the first time he could really
recognize feeling the spirit with missionaries. Hey oooohhhh! We also
taught a lot of other member lessons which were good, just all about
being missionaries to those around us. All about loving people and
sharing our testimonies of Christ. We also had our musical fireside in
Ogden on Sunday - it was awesome. The best one I've ever been a part
of. I sang in the choir and a small women's number. People are so
incredibly talented.

Yesterday I got super sick! Like throwback to February when I went to
the emergency room but this time I was more calm and knew what to do
so I didn't have to go to the ER this time. And sister Howe came to
take care of me so that was fabulous. #mamahowe But we had lessons
last night so sister Nelson went to them even though she was freaking
out about them! Whoo good job sister nelson. We now have an
appointment for next week with a potential investigator. Party.

I am happy happy!

This week we get to go to a southern thanksgiving - like legit they
are from Mississippi and want me to come so badly. #home
#southernpride My companion might be going home Saturday or Monday -
we should be getting her itinerary soon. We are also getting foot
zoned today! First time ever for me. If you don't know what foot
zoning is - I would Google it cause I'm not really sure how to explain
it. We are also getting a new car which is good because when we drove
it in the snow this week it hydroplaned with me going like 10
mph...not good.

Reminder to all -- please send your Christmas packages to the mission
office with Christmas labeled on them before the end of this month.
Btw I really don't need anything so if you just wanna send me a cute
card I'm good with that. Or nothing I'm good with that too! Just get
yourselves something good and say it's from me. ;)

Love love love,

Sister Kingsford

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