This week was very good...and long. THE BEST THING EVER HAPPENED THIS WEEK!! RAE GOT BAPTIZED AND JONNY AND AHNA WENT TO THE TEMPLE!! In case you don't remember, RAE is the girl from China that I taught in my first area over a year ago. She went to conference with us and is the sweetest human ever. Oh gosh, I love her so much!!!! And Ahna and Jonny did baptisms at the temple. So awesome.

We taught Angie about 3 times this week - mostly because she's Sister Nelson's favorite person. And also because Angie and Jason had a bad week again, he moved out because this time he lashed out at her girls. We have been teaching her girls along with her whenever they aren't at their dads house. Their dad won't give them permission to be baptized so it's kinda sad because they LOVE church and learning with us. Anyway, as of Sunday Jason is back in the house and has promised to do whatever it takes to make it right. We taught the the Plan of Salvation on Sunday and it was really good. We are also going to have Thanksgiving at Angie's parents who also live in our area. Sister Nelson had a lot of departing stuff to get done this week so a lot of my time was spent with other sisters in their areas. At one of the workshops sister Nelson went to they talked all about life after the mission - how to interview for jobs, choose a career, and last but not least about relationships. Weirdie. I think I am likely to be real awkward when I get home. Hopefully it wears off quickly.

Sister Nelson left on Saturday and since then I have been juggled between 4 different sets of sisters in order to work their areas as well as mine. It's been crazy and super fun because I love these sisters - they are so fun.

Also on Saturday I received a call from President to ask me to train. So tomorrow I will be picking up my baby. I'm preggo, yall! Haha. I'm excited!!! My greenie gets to kill me off. Which just means she will be my very last companion. I will be staying in Plain City and continuing to be an STL.

Happy Thanksgiving yall!!!!!!!

Sister Kingsford

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