Aloha Y'all!

Aloha y'all!

So I got my baby and her name is Sister Sekona. She's from Hawaii. She sprained her ankle and foot in the MTC so she's on crutches and a boot. She is always freezing. Haha. She's awesome. She went on "mini missions" back home - in Hawaii they have members stay with the missionaries for 72 hours to get a feel for going on a mission. So basically she got some good experience and has good ideas. I hope we can get some greenie magic going. We have a ton of member lessons with neighbors of people we are hoping to work with. Hopefully it will bring some work. 

We had a good Thanksgiving! I made some of the sisters breakfast. And we had a dinner with a really nice family. Sekona didn't know what any of the food was aside from the turkey. Hawaii is a very different place I suppose. It was so entertaining to see her try different things and get her opinions on them. I hope yall had a great thanksgiving!!

My baby is having a hard time adjusting to missionary music. Haha. Her fave CD is my "poly beatz" from one of my fave poly sisters. She especially doesn't like my country Christian CDs. She does say yall though. Hehe. ;) We have settled on some nice Christmas tunes. Speaking of Christmas, I started our decorating! Yaaay! Christmas!! Also on that note, go watch this video right now: 
So good, huh? Also my baby keeps telling EVERYONE I only have 2 months left. Not. Cool. I'm no ready to go. Weird weird weird weird weird. 

Pray for some Christmas miracles in Plain City, y'all!!

Love you forever and ever,

Sister Kingsford

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