Fam bam,

So I have been having some ups and downs all week! We had some good member lessons AND we had two investigator lessons! That's right - two. One was with Richard who is still recovering from his hip replacement, he seems much happier now that he's in less pain. We invited him for baptism on Christmas and he said...we'll see. Silly man. His friend from st. George who he wants to baptize him is even up here for Christmas. #perfect oh I love Richard so much and really really hope he gets baptized while I am here. We have a new investigator named Samantha and I love her. She's 16 and so sweet. Some of you know who I am talking about when I say she reminds me a lot of Tori. She thinks she's rough and tumble on the outside but is a big softie inside. Anyway, her mom kicked previous missionaries out but really likes us so that's a plus. Sam said her first prayer out loud in our lesson and it was the best.

On Friday I found out that Sis Howe would be going home the next day for medical reasons and I was so sad. It's hard to see someone else go home early. Especially one of my best friends. But she's happy so all is well.

I have been a little frustrated with our ward mission leaders - they want us to continue to teach people that aren't progressing and even when I tell them that they get mad and come up with ways they think
these people are progressing. #frustrated

So we have devised a plan to knock every single door of nonmembers and ask to share a Christmas message. We have maps of the wards so we know where they live. #professionalstalkers I love Christmas yall. Oh so much. People's hearts are much more open this time of year. I fasted
on Sunday for baptisms and miracles!

Keep on keepin on.

With Love,

Sister Kingsford

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