Getting Gifts for Others is the Best!!


It's been a decent week. I got to go on exchanges in Fielding which is just north of my old area in Brigham and I LOVED it. Brigham really is like my other home. The people out there are so dear to me. We taught a lot of member lessons this week - shared "He is the Gift" with a ton of people.

We had our mission Christmas party yesterday. It was fun! They let us all watch the grinch - the cartoon version. Pause. The grinch in the cartoon is so creepy, yall. But it was fun to get to watch it anyway. We also did a talent show and our zone did a dance to Justin Bieber's "drummer boy". Made me miss Zumba yet again. Haha. It was way fun! We also did service with Angie. She is struggling financially and has bad anxiety in crowds so we went with her to get Christmas gifts for her girls. It was seriously the funnest thing ever. Getting gifts for others is the best!!

I also got some of yalls Christmas gifts for me...I opened them. I'm sorry! But I figured they were things to help with winter/to help me look cuter so I couldn't resist. My biggest gift of all will be
skyping the fam! But...yalls gifts are definitely THE BOMB!!


Sister Kingsford

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