It's a Plain City Miracle!!!!!!

Where do I begin?

I will begin with last Tuesday night. We got a call from a girl who says she needs to schedule a time to meet with us because her friend wants to learn more. #miracle So we of course set it up for the next day. On Tuesday night I talked with God a lot before going to bed and it was really good - because I have been a little distressed.

On Wednesday we had a great district meeting where we were asked to share stories about what a particular principle of the gospel means to us and we were crying by the end. #spirit It was awesome. Then we had some cancelations because people were sick, it's the holidays, etc. so that was kind of a bummer. Then comes 6 o'clock when we have our lesson with Brian (Brian is the boyfriend of the girl who called us) and he tells us he has been searching for peace and a renewed relationship with God and that his whole life growing up in Utah he has been told bad things about the Church but he knows that Mormons are good people so how could they believe in something evil? So he tells us some of his story and we feel the Spirit and we teach the restoration and answer his questions. And then we invite him for baptism!!! And decide to set a goal of a date for baptism. And he gets scared that his family will not be happy. You see, a couple of years before his little sister got baptized while she was at college and no one in the family supported her. She's on her mission now and only her dad writes her. So he is afraid and says he is not as brave as her. We told him he needed to email her and ask her about her story. He said he would. So we invite him again and he says yes and writes down the date of January 10th! Whoooooooooo it's a Plain City miracle!!!!!!

Then I had exchanges with one of the sisters I am over on Thursday. It was good. She serves in the Spanish program so I literally had no idea what was going on. But I think it was good. Everyone just told us "I'm catholic" as if that's an answer to we would like to tell you of the restored truths of the gospel. And none of them were even actively Catholic, in fact one man had never heard of Moses, or Abraham, or Noah. But this sister shared with me some of her struggles with being the only member in her family. It is difficult to rarely receive mail or emails from her family or anyone. It made me think of Brian's sister.

Friday we had another lesson with Brian and shared the Plan of Salvation. He ate it up, he loved it. We followed up with him on his reading of the Book of Mormon, praying, and if he had emailed his
sister yet. He had read the intro, the testimonies, and all of 1 nephi. He said he still wasn't sure if he had felt answered from God if the Book of Mormon is true. So we shared Elder Hollands "Testimony
of the Book of Mormon" video. Which is so powerful! Here it is:

Afterwards Brian was silent and some of the fellowship family (including his girlfriend) were crying. We asked him how he felt and he said "I feel different. I can't really talk about it because I might cry." Then Sister Sekona shared her testimony of the Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong. And she was crying and the family was crying even more. And then Brian shared that he was feeling overwhelmed with the Spirit. And he cried. And then we asked him what he needed to do now? He said "I need to talk to my sister. I feel so bad that I wasn't there for her. Especially now that I understand what she experienced." We said yes, he did. And he needed to continue to prepare to be baptized. So we recommitted him to be baptized on January 10th and he said yes. #bestdayever

We are going to be meeting with him 3 times a week until then and we are so excited!

Then Saturday Sister Sekona woke up coughing up blood. So naturally we went to insta care. Which took forever. She has bronchitis, a sinus infection, and an ear infection. Poor baby. I have the beginnings of a cold and the doc there said it's likely that I could develop bronchitis. Merry Christmas to me. We'll see I guess. We were quarantined to our apartment and resorted to playing risk which was the only game in the house. Side note: neither of us have ever played risk and the directions were missing. We still attempted to play. Eventually our super nice land lady brought us monopoly.

With Love,

Sister Kingsford

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