Wonderful humans,

I am still sick. In fact I have an incredibly sore throat now. My senior couple thinks it's strep. I don't wanna have to go see a doctor. Meh. We will see. Anyway last week was good! So glad I got to talk to the Fam on Christmas! Yall are the best. 

So in other news...you know you're a spoiled utah missionary when you expect to see a treat or package at your door every night when you pull up. Haha! 

Today we have an awesome family taking us out to eat and they are having their friend over to meet with us! Miraclesssssss. I love plain city now. Seriously we have found so many rocking awesome members that help us out so much and we have people to teach! Yippee!!! 

On Sunday we met Kylie. She's 9 and now lives with her aunt and uncle and she wants to be baptized. We invited her for the 17th and then decided on the 31st because she wants her mom to get to come. We also made plans for a Southern Luau! I know it sounds interesting but we think it will be fun. It's gonna be a stake activity where everyone can bring their friends and have fun. We are thinking we will teach everyone a line dance to "sweet home Alabama" and a hula dance. Does that sound lame or cool? Idk, all I know is there will be good food! Happy new year!!

With Love,

Sister Kingsford

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