This Week Was So Good

Aaaaaahhh! This week was so good.

First off, on Wednesday I went on my first exchange as an STL! It was fun and it was great to be able to counsel with them on ideas for helping their area because it's also ideas that could help ours too!

Thursday we had DLT...which is like council of leadership in the zone all talking about what the zone needs and what we could train on. It was good! Elders are an interesting crop...

Friday we did some weekly planning and Raquell had her baptismal interview.

And now for the main event....SATURDAY!! We had mission conference with Bishop Davies of the presiding bishopric, President Christiansen of the presidency of the quorum of the seventy and ELDER HOLLAND!!!!!!

Some amazing things I wanna share with y'all:

"Don't get the D.I.M.S"

Magnificent missionaries are those who are transformed and sanctified. Each time the spirit enters you, you are changing; you are becoming more like Christ.

Now for the Holland quotes:

Don't miss out on the memories to be made.
Every wonderful thing in my life was influenced or happened in part because of my mission.
You are apostolic (with a little a).
You are not your own.
Be good now, and forever.
Dream dreams, and see visions.
You do not want to run into me if any of you ever leave the church.
You do not have the right to ruin one of the most well known images of the church. (Missionary)
We are all God's investigators.
Once a shepherd, always a shepherd.
Go out and astonish someone! (Helaman 5:17-19 & Mosiah 27:11-12,18)
The most important thing to do in this life is the saving of a soul.

He was so funny. He would randomly get real real passionate and speak kinda scarily to us. It was awesome. He said he had something completely different planned but then he felt he needed to tell all of us that we were not allowed to leave the church or go less active, he also told us how great it will be for us to have a mission reunion in the celestial kingdom.

Also on Saturday, Raquell got baptized!!!!! So precious. Love that little family.

Last night we had a lesson on chastity with four 18 year old boys. Lol. It was actually really great. The spirit was so strong and the boys all got less uncomfortable as we went on.

Well I love y'all tons!!!!!!

Sister Kingsford

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