Sooo basically this week was FANTASTIC! We BARELY missed hitting the standard of excellence. We met Kiya who is 12 and is so sweet. She wants to get baptized. When we shared the first vision and asked her how she felt she said, "I wish I could feel like this all the time." To which we excitedly replied, "You can! With the gift of the Holy Ghost!" So she is set to be baptized on October 25. ;) AND Kenny and Canyon are also set to be baptized on Halloween! BEST HALLOWEEN OF MY LIFE! Kenny and Rebecca are going to get married that morning and then he'll be baptized that afternoon. Guess whose back in business for wedding planning? ;)

SOO we thought FOR SURE we would hit the standard - the only thing missing was another person on date for baptism, but come Sunday our lesson with Violet in which we ask her to be baptized she says "My mom wants me to wait until I'm 18." LOLWUT?? You've already accepted other dates and we've already spoken to your mom.....so that was shocking. And then we already had a full night of lessons/meetings so we were like WE HAVE TO GET THE STANDARD WE ARE SO CLOSE! So then we knelt in prayer begging Heavenly Father to help us and guide us. SO we got through our meetings and had some killer spirit filled lessons and then it was 8:30 (we had to turn in numbers by 9) so we booked it to an apartment complex where we knew a former investigator of the Elders lived and found out there was someone totally different living there who was a member. So we went ALL over the apartments asking for referrals and having awesome conversations with awesome people but no one to invite for baptism SO we went over to another home and invited the 11 year old brother of another girl we taught to be baptized, he said no. By then it was after 9 and our District Leader calls and very kindly asked for numbers so we gave him what we knew but told him we still wanted to find one more investigator SO he said GO GO GO! Then we knock on a door of this house we think has someone who may be interested living in it named Rachel. Get there and a young guy opens the door and is really nice and then his wife comes up to the door and we ask if she is Rachel to which she says nope. Then we say well do you know anyone we can teach?? She says well..my husband isn't a member. WHOO! So we invite him for baptism to which he says no. Lol but then we proceed to have this super great conversation and become best friends with them due to our charming/fabulous personalities. So basically we are going to have lunch with them on October 11 and hopefully we can see if we can plant some good seeds in their hearts. 

I LOVE being able to serve and help people. We helped clean a ladies house this week. She had surgery two weeks ago and is still in bed most of the time. So we cleaned and cleaned. Let's just say I plan on having a clean home whenever I really grow up because I about threw-up cleaning the dishes. She was so grateful and so sweet! 

We also got to go to the General Women's Meeting down in SLC! It was so good!!!! Loved President Uchtdorf's talk of course.

Also, I went on exchanges with Sister Underwood and we taught one of their investigators named Esther and it was wonderful. Lately, I have been praying every morning and night for my tongue to be loosened and my heart to be open so that the Lord can speak through me and I definitely felt as though my words were not my own as we met with Esther. I love being able to meet so many wonderful children of our Father in Heaven and see how Christ can change them. It's the best thing ever. 

We already have 20 lessons scheduled for this week! And we'll hopefully have even more!

I'M SO HAPPY! Sister Smith and I always have so much fun together!

Sister Kingsford

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