We Hit the Standard of Excellence!! Yay!


This weekend I went to two sessions of conference down in SLC. Saturday morning and Sunday morning. I had a plaza (aka close to the podium) seat for Sunday because it's my last session of conference before I go home. Weird to think about that. Conference was good huh?! I'm so excited for it to be printed so I can read all the talks.

We had a good week - we hit the standard of excellence!! Yay! And Kenny, Rebecca and Canyon  went to conference!!!!

I am doing good. All is well.

Also I love fall. I'm also excited for winter because I love cold, which I know is weird.

Today we got to go to the temple with special permission for one of our zones sisters. It was the first time going through the Ogden temple after its dedication. It was wonderful! So much pure joy!!

Well I love y'all! Have a fabulous week.

Much love,

Sister Kingsford

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